Music in Motion is

Dedicated to the mobile electronics market.

At Music in Motion, we don’t just sell products, we sell solutions. Rather, our crew specializes in installing enhancements that work in perfect harmony with the rest of your vehicle’s technology. Around here, we keep things simple.

Providing unrivaled client service that exceeds your expectations.

We recognize that when it comes to aftermarket electronics and improvements for their vehicles, our loyal customers have a lot of options. Moreover, this element of choice is one of the reasons we work so hard to gain your business and exceed your expectations. Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and a fantastic client experience is unrivaled. As a result, when you choose Music in Motion, you’ll be pleasantly pleased by the combination of current technology expertise with an old-fashioned approach to customer service.


We perform car audio installations ranging from “mild” to “crazy.”


Come to us if you want to integrate cutting-edge electronics to almost anything that moves.


No need to ask for directions if you use one of our in-dash navigation systems.


Our 360-degree camera systems give you a full view of your car at all times.

Make your ride uniquely your own.

When you want to make everything you own distinctly yours, Music in Motion has you covered, whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, golf cart or RV.


Automotive Lighting

The right lighting, inside and out, adds a lovely touch to any car.


Laser Detectors

& Radar Detection

Radar and laser speed detection can help avoid speeding charges.


Marine Audio

Your marine audio gear needs to stand up to the elements and keep playing.


Mobile Video

Keep your passengers occupied with a mobile TV entertainment system.

motorcycle icon

Motorcycle Audio

You need motorcycle audio speakers that are completely weather-resistant.


OEM Integration

Increase your vehicle’s features while still utilizing the systems that came with them.


Remote Car Starters

Why not start your automobile from the convenience of your own home or office?


Vehicle Safety Systems

We install what we consider to be the best automotive security systems in the area.


Window Tint

Each vehicle benefits from the addition of our high-performance window films.