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Installation of Car Audio

Music In Motion specializes in car audio (and even motorcycle) installation. Since the early days of vehicle radio and car speaker installation, our industry has progressed considerably. Today, in-dash radios are integrated with vehicle data systems, allowing vehicle diagnostics information to be displayed on your new in-dash screen and allowing you to connect your smartphone wirelessly to your car stereo, allowing you to stream your favorite Internet radio station through your car’s speakers.

Because of our knowledgeable team, superb product selection, and exceptional installs, Music In Motion is the best car audio destination.

Music In Motion is a car audio company that specializes in high-quality automobile audio modifications. That means that when you come to us for anything related to your vehicle, from a speaker upgrade to a complete car audio system installation, you can rest assured that you’re speaking with professionals who have the training and daily experience to ensure that your car audio upgrade runs smoothly and sounds great.

Where do you begin with car audio upgrades?

It’s understandable that you want to learn how to update your car sound; we haven’t found a stock car stereo system we like either! So, where do you begin? Is it better to use the speakers, the head unit (radio), or an amplifier? To begin, we prefer to ask a few questions, such as:

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    Is your car stereo equipped with the amenities you desire or require, such as iPod connections, USB ports, and navigation?
  • speaker-icon
    What type of music do you enjoy? What sources did you use?
  • speaker-icon
    Do you prefer to listen quietly or loudly?
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    How old are your car's speakers and how do they sound?
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    Is there anything else we need to think about in terms of space or your vehicle's use?
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    What type of vehicle will the car stereo be upgraded in: a car, a truck, an SUV, a convertible, or a semi-truck?

We can begin putting out an upgrade path for your car audio system based on these and other questions.

Get your car's audio system in shape.

We tune your system to maximize its performance after we’ve assisted you in selecting your new car audio system and conducted a proper installation. We use sophisticated audio and electrical analyzers, as well as our ears, to dial in the highest sound quality possible. Setting amplifier gain levels, speaker crossover points, equalization levels, and other parameters are all part of this process.

We can check your car audio system’s settings, fix things appropriately, and tune your system to your taste, even if you had it installed elsewhere or did it yourself.


Speaker Replacement

Changing your car’s OEM speakers is the simplest approach to enhance the sound quality. We recognize the value of employing premium components and goods specially designed for your car. We now possess the highest caliber speakers that are offered at every price point thanks to our professional careers.


Add a Subwoofer

You could be thinking right now, “I don’t want that grating rattling and those unsettling looks from other drivers at a stoplight.” This is not how we usually set up in the cars of our clients. Our subwoofer installations don’t overpower the audio system in your car; rather, they work much like a home radio system.


Add an Amplifier

Some individuals believe that amplifiers are exclusively used by bass-obsessed automotive audio fanatics. In actuality, an amplifier is an essential item for everyone who values excellent music and great sound quality. Amplification can deliver clearer audio, more power, and improved performance.


System Installation

Our skilled installation specialists take pleasure in employing premium components and cutting-edge installation methods. Our highly skilled installation specialists have years of experience and consistently go to regular training to stay up to date with the ever-evolving vehicle technology.


Sound Damping

Speaker installation is not recommended on metal or plastic door panels. The sound quality and precision are negatively impacted by the vibrations caused by the thin metal and plastic. Reduced vibrations, a more stable environment for your speakers, and a significant improvement in sound quality across the entire vehicle are all achieved by adding deadening material to your door panel.


Radio Replacement

Still using an old-fashioned CD player or radio? We can assist you in getting rid of the old unit and upgrading to one of our more contemporary models, which has the features you truly desire and those that you might not even be aware of. The capabilities a modern device can offer include Bluetooth integration, navigation, mobile device connectivity, and media streaming. And you can be confident that we use particular high-quality parts to provide a precise fit and finish for expert installation in thousands of vehicles now on the road.


Bluetooth Streaming

You can do away with those bothersome wires now that Bluetooth capabilities are more widely available. The benefits of adding Bluetooth technology are numerous. You can make and receive calls, handle media controls like stopping, skipping, and rewinding, and even pause to take incoming calls before restarting after the call is through with voice-activated controls. Imagine having complete control without ever having to move your hands from the steering wheel or lifting a finger.


OEM Integration

Modern vehicles don’t always come with the features you’ve always desired because they all come with updated technology built right into their factory systems. Our integration professionals are exceptional in this area. Almost every feature you can think of can be added by our professionals. Ever wished for a backup camera, Bluetooth connectivity, streaming from a mobile device, and more? Here, our experts will take care of you. The majority of these solutions may be integrated right into your production system, which is the best part!


Signal Processor

Use a signal processor to improve your audio experience. They enable you to customize your audio experience to match your personal preferences, just like the ones used at concerts. We can fully control the audio system using a laptop and a signal processor, and we can tweak it till you are happy with it.


System Tuning

The complexity of integrated audio systems and communication is increasing, necessitating the employment of cutting-edge, sophisticated tools. However, you can relax knowing that professionals are handling your car, and you’ll be delighted with the outcomes!


Music In Motion has mastered the art of car audio.

We didn’t learn how to perform automobile audio properly overnight. Years of training, practice, and experience have aided us in becoming the specialists that our clients have grown to rely on. On our Flickr page, you can see some of our installations, and on our Google and Facebook pages, you can read reviews and consumer feedback.

Come see us at our Boyne City, Michigan store and enjoy a tour of Music In Motion. We’d be happy to demonstrate to you how and why we install automobile audio the way we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does automobile audio installation entail?
What tools do you need to install automobile audio?
Is it true that installing car audio will void my vehicle's warranty?
How vital is a well-installed automobile audio system?

In order to work on a vehicle nowadays, our installation professionals must be experts in a variety of abilities. Today’s simple car radio installation (or deck install) begins with the careful removal of dash trim panels; programming and wiring of data interface modules to the car’s data network and steering wheel controls; integration with any other vehicle entertainment system and backup cameras and other systems; and finally, full testing of all sources (radio, DVD, etc.).

After that, we tweak the equalizers, crossovers, and time correction function on your new stereo to improve the fidelity of your vehicle’s stereo system. Finally, we put the dash back together and take off the protective coverings.

The vehicle is now ready to be delivered to you, at which time we will link your gadgets to your new stereo and demonstrate how to use the radio’s features. All of this for a radio installation in a car!

When it comes to speaker installs, amplifier improvements, subwoofer integrations, and everything else, we go above and above.

During each automobile audio installation, we use a variety of tools and test equipment. Of course, there are the essentials, such as screwdrivers, socket sets, and wire cutters. The variety of tools required to work on all makes and models of automobiles today is frequently way beyond what even the most dedicated do-it-yourself car audio enthusiasts have in their toolboxes.

We use a variety of specialized panel-removal tools, as well as electronic test equipment such as oscilloscopes, vehicle electrical system testers, scan tools, and vehicle platform-specific programmers; Real Time Audio Analyzers (RTA); phase testing tools; Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meters, and other tools.

For the vehicles and items in use, we additionally subscribe to a number of vehicle information databases, manufacturer databases, and integration procedure-specific databases. Some of them cost hundreds of dollars per year to subscribe to, but we consider them an investment – a need for effectively and safely installing a car stereo in your current car or truck.

This is a frequently asked question to which the answer is No. Your warranty is unaffected by having a new car audio installed in your vehicle, and there are rules in place that spell this out. Our product suppliers go to great lengths to guarantee that their products are compatible with your vehicle, and they frequently work directly with vehicle manufacturers to enhance OEM systems.

The quality of the equipment you choose is not as crucial as the installation of your new car speakers or subwoofer. Vehicles now are more complicated than they were 30 years ago, when automobile audio was first introduced. Fortunately, our investment in training and tools has kept us up to speed and qualified to work on the most recent vehicles and their digital audio systems.

Impact on your vehicle’s electrical system, integration with your vehicle’s data bus systems, and any changes or fabrication of parts to adapt sizes and fit are all things to consider and review.