Motorcycle Audio


Systems Specialized for Motorcycles

Since its establishment, Music In Motion in Boyne City, Michigan has provided motorcycle audio systems. We have spent countless hours researching the top products and installation techniques since we are aware of the special difficulties involved in playing music on a motorcycle. This means that the motorcycle audio systems we create will sound better, play louder, and be more dependable than those produced by our rivals.

Select an audio specialist whose knowledge of acoustics sets them apart from the rest.

We don’t make engines and we don’t sell chrome parts for bikes. Motorcycle audio is what we do, and we do it well. Your audio system must combat road noise while enduring the abuse of vibration, dust, and dampness as you are riding up the road on a bike. We are aware of the components that will enable your motorcycle to produce the highest overall audio quality and dependability.

World Class Motorcycle Audio Installations

Our installations are world-class, and we use the same overbuilt procedures for every motorcycle that enters our bay using our decades of experience in building motorcycle audio systems. For maximum endurance, we solder our connections and use protective heat shrink. All wiring is neatly loomed and secured, giving it a factory look and facilitating future serviceability.


We Have The Best Products

The greatest businesses want to associate with us because we are the market leader in mobile electronics in the Northern Michgian area. We hand-pick the best goods available to ensure that they will withstand the punishing Northern Michigan climate without losing their ability to produce pleasing music.


We Market Solutions, Not Specific Products

Many businesses who enter the motorcycle audio market will browse a catalog and choose things they believe will be useful to you. At Music In Motion, that’s not even remotely how we do it. Rather, we sell you audio equipment that is meant to operate well together as a complete system, providing you with the best overall performance. We are asked to be dealers for companies like Arc Audio, Memphis, Hertz, and JL Audio.

We Take the Finest Care of Your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle is your child, as we all know. To make it truly yours, you’ve put a lot of time and money into it. Our crew goes above and above to guarantee that we deliver your motorcycle back to you in the same state as when we acquired it. We go to great lengths to ensure that you receive a motorcycle audio system that you can proudly claim as your own.


Visit the Motorcycle Audio Experts Today

Seeing Music In Motion live is the greatest way to experience motorcycle audio systems. Let us demonstrate why each year more and more customers pick us for their motorcycle audio upgrades.