Laser Detectors & Radar Detection


Radar and Laser Detection

Whether or not it is intentional, speeding is an unavoidable part of driving. Maybe you’re always in a hurry, or maybe you just love the sensation of acceleration in your fantastic sports automobile. It’ll happen from time to time; the question is, how can you reduce your speeding ticket liability? Music In Motion’s professionals can assist you with this. We have a number of options for both radar and laser speed detection that can help you avoid speeding charges.

There are a variety of laser and radar detectors to choose from.

We have windshield-mounted detecting devices as well as custom installation packages that segregate the components for a completely concealed installation. Windshield-mounted detection devices are commonly positioned near the rearview mirror on the front windshield and come with suction cup mounting brackets and cigarette lighter power connections.

For a more integrated appearance, we can easily hard-wire the power connector. Sensors are installed in the front (and, depending on the options, the back) of the car, with a small, integrated control unit in the cabin to deliver visual and audio warnings. We can even hide the radar/laser detector display in the rearview mirror so that it is only visible when warning messages and lights are displayed; otherwise, the mirror appears to be a standard rearview mirror.

Some vehicles with a multi-function driver information display in the instrument cluster can display warning messages right in the factory instrument panel, as if it were a factory-installed addition, thanks to optional custom installation interfaces. We have all you need for speed detection warning devices (both radar and laser) at whichever level of integration you desire.

In Michigan, radar is a common form of speed detection.

Radar works on the principle of sending a signal to a speeding vehicle, which is then reflected back to the law enforcement device. The law enforcement equipment assesses the vehicle’s speed based on the speed of this reflection. This operates similarly to how the speed of a pitcher’s fastball is calculated in baseball. Because different towns use different frequency bands, a multi-band radar detector is the most effective. The following bands are available on our detectors:


The X-Band
(centered on 10.525 GHz)


The K-Band
(centered on 24.150 GHz)


The Ka-Band
(centered on 34.7 GHz)

Many of our radar detectors now have GPS-enabled capabilities that track and disregard false triggers (such as X-band entry doors at supermarkets) as well as access a database of red light cameras, speed cameras, and known speed traps to provide further early warning. We believe we have the most comprehensive radar speed detection warning product coverage available.


Detection Using a Laser

Law enforcement uses a laser to direct a narrow 904nm laser signal at the front of the vehicle, frequently from a distance that prevents the driver from slowing down before noticing the speed trap. The laser signal is reflected back to the law enforcement laser device, which returns a vehicle speed measurement, similar to radar. It also depends on the ability of law enforcement to correctly target the laser at the vehicle.


At a distance of 1000 feet, the target area on the front of the vehicle is typically 22 inches, thus having laser detection as a separate function or as an integrated element of an anti-speed detection system placed in your automobile is a terrific method to have plenty of warning to slow down. The ability to target the speeder when they are unaware and solid in a lane influences the efficiency of the laser utilized by law enforcement. If there are other cars moving at similar speeds, changing lanes may be beneficial, but the best defense is a solid attack, which is a warning signal.

The addition of laser shifters to your custom-installed laser detecting system is an option. These are front-mounted, with the possibility of adding rear-mounted units. Music In Motion can also custom paint these sensors to match the color of your car. With front and rear laser shifters, you may accomplish 360-degree protection by diverting the laser’s focus away from delivering the speed detection signal back to the laser device used by law enforcement. These do not jam the signal; rather, they reroute it to make it more difficult to validate the vehicle’s speed.

For a demonstration, come see us.

Contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation in our store is the ideal way for us to recommend any radar or laser speed detection warning system. We may inspect your car, talk about your driving habits, and assess your integration preferences so that we can make intelligent and effective recommendations. We love teaching our clients about what’s possible, and we’re excited to work with you.