OEM Integration


Upgrade your vehicle's built-in features.

OEM integration refers to our ability to increase your vehicle’s features while still utilizing the systems that came with them. Consider the case of a classic car, truck, or restomod that has a non-replaceable entertainment system. In that situation, we can still improve the vehicle’s accuracy and detail by installing new speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. We can also add new features that work as though they came with the vehicle when it left the factory. Let’s take a look at the upgrading options we have, as well as the tools and training that have made us specialists in this field.

Our audio system integration processors can undo equalization, all-pass filters, and temporal alignment, allowing us to construct an excellent sounding audio system.

It used to be simple to upgrade a factory-installed sound system by adding new speakers, an amplifier, or a subwoofer. Equalization is now available on even the most basic factory-installed source units, making new speakers sound awful. Electronic crossovers, all-pass filters, signal delay, and upmixers make delivering high-performance improvements challenging in more complex premium audio systems.

Music In Motion’s technicians have put in many hours of training and thousands of dollars in test equipment to teach us how to operate these complicated audio systems. We can monitor frequency response, amplitude, and phase before we start working, so we know what’s going on. Even if the stereo is labeled Bose, Lexicon, JBL, or B&O, we can improve the sound quality and volume.

Upgrade Features & OEM Embedding

Our crew can install SiriusXM Satellite radio, a CD player, or a backup camera to your new car or truck if they aren’t already included. Best of all, everything is simple to use. We have integration modules that allow you to view a camera image on a color screen that was placed at the factory. We can also add satellite radio to your center console via the USB connector and display artist and song title information on the factory-installed screen.


Satellite Radio

We have options to add SiriusXM and display artist and track information even if your car radio isn’t satellite radio ready.


Backup Cameras

If you’re looking for parking sensors to make backing into a parking spot safer, we can help.


Remote Car Starters

One of our specialties is remote car starters, which may be used to warm or cool your vehicle in the winter or summer.


Heated Seats

Another popular modification to make your vehicle more pleasant is heated seat upgrades.


Blind Spot Monitoring

Do you wish you had a blind-spot monitoring system in your car or truck? We can connect those with the turn signals, so you’ll be notified if someone is driving on either side of your vehicle


Rear Seat Entertainment

We specialize in upgrading rear-seat entertainment systems. For example, we can install headrest or overhead monitors that work with wireless headphones or connect to the factory stereo.


The Appropriate Equipment for the Job

We have the means and training to test the factory audio system’s response in order to determine what is required to produce amazing sounding enhancements.

Our technicians are not only experienced in integrating aftermarket improvements into your car, but we’ve also invested in Mitchell1’s ProDemand. This information package explains where the vehicle’s modules are situated and how to access them safely and effectively. We know which panels are secured with screws and where they are positioned, so we won’t break or damage any of your vehicle’s components. We put a sill plate or trim panel on a carpeted shelf once we’ve removed it to keep it out of the way while we work.

We’re committed to keeping your vehicle safe.

When it comes to keeping things safe, we always employ “the sombrero” seat coverings, steering wheel covers, and center console protection. If we need to lean over a fender, we use masking tape or shipping wrap to protect it from scuffs and scratches. While in our shop, we also connect the vehicle’s battery to a charger. Instead of depleting the battery, it will be recharged and ready for your next excursion.

Let us help you upgrade your car or truck.

The mobile enhancement experts at Music In Motion in Boyne City, Michigan have the solutions and training required to deliver the features and performance you want, whether it’s something as simple as a powered USB port to charge your phone or something more advanced like an audio system upgrade in a luxury vehicle.

We welcome you to visit our store and speak with one of our product experts.