Marine Audio


Audio Enhancements for Your Boat

If you’re looking for audio enhancements for your boat, you’ve probably come across the term “marine grade.” Marine audio is specifically developed for boats in order to not only endure longer but also to generate high-quality sound. Yes, they are distinct from automobile audio, and they are typically constructed around a plastic basket with water drainage elements.

Marine audio is tested for durability and long-term exposure to the sun.

Even when the boat is stored or tied up at the harbor, stereos on boats must withstand the elements. The combination of the sun and water can cause significant wear and tear, particularly on electrical components. That’s why you’ll need gear that can take a beating like this. Gear that isn’t up to par won’t last more than a season.

The advantages to Marine Audio are easy to see:


Water Resistant

Marine audio can withstand slaps of water as well as rain. They are not, however, designed to be submerged. We provide a wide range of products, including water-resistant and waterproof items that can be submerged without causing damage.


UV Ray Resistant

High-quality marine audio products can withstand the sun, and this is a key attribute found on speaker cones, remote controls, and faceplates.


Corrosion Protection

Water may corrode and rust metals. Corrosion and rust resistance are included in high-quality marine audio. To enhance their lifespan, many high-quality goods include rust-resistant chassis components, coated circuit boards, and plated connectors.

Find the right system for your boat.

We have specialists at Music in Motion who can help you choose the ideal system for your boat. Moreover, we can set up the equipment and turn your yacht into a floating party room. Lastly, we have a large range of items, all of which are designed exclusively for marine conditions.


Nautical Lighting Equipment

We also provide nautical lighting equipment that is both robust and high-quality for practically any purpose. All of your nautical lighting needs may be met with our LED offering. We will assist you with being functional while also allowing you to stand out.