Remote Car Starters


Start your car from almost anywhere.

Instead of sitting in the driver’s seat, why not start your automobile from the convenience of your own home or office? At Music in Motion, we can make this a reality. We can install remote car starters that cool or heats your vehicle before you even get in the driver’s seat. Even the newest vehicles with transponder-based security keys or push-to-start ignition systems can have these systems installed by our professionals. Moreover, we can even integrate your remote starter system with your smartphone and an app, allowing you to start your vehicle from anywhere in the world where you have service coverage.

Installation is everything when it comes to remote car starters.

Music In Motion ensures that all of our connections are made with high precision and longevity in mind when we install a remote automobile starter system for you. In addition, we connect to your vehicle’s electrical and data systems with the most up-to-date interface devices so that we can access and simulate the vehicle’s operational characteristics, just as if you were sitting in the driver’s seat and turning the key in the ignition switch.

We can often imitate the existence of a transponder-based key without having to install one of your second keys in cars with transponder-based keys (often called a valet key). This saves you money on installation while also providing the security of not having your keys hidden in the car. Every installation detail can be handled by our experienced and skilled installation team. This is necessary to ensure that your vehicle starts and runs as intended by the manufacturer. Your personal key ‘takes over the vehicle once you get inside, and the remote starter disengages while the vehicle is still running.

We build in sophisticated safety features.

In the event of unlawful entry or attempts to operate without a valid key, all of our remote car starting systems include sophisticated safety safeguards that will shut down the remote starter. The mechanism will shut off if the foot brake is pushed without the key in the ignition. In addition, the system will shut down if the engine revs too high.

Because there may be someone working beneath the hood if the hood is open, the vehicle will not remote start. Other circuits are also checked while the vehicle is remotely started so that any attempt to drive away without an approved key disengages the remote starter for safety reasons. Allow us to demonstrate one for you to illustrate how dependable and safe the operation is.

Integrate with Security

Security features are included in many of our remote car starter systems. This is appropriate for a car that does not have any kind of comprehensive vehicle security coverage, both for the vehicle and for items stolen from the vehicle. Visit our Security Systems page to learn more about the various options for car security. Inquire with one of our product professionals about incorporating security elements into your remote car starter device.

Remotes and Range

We have systems with long-range transmitters that can start your car from up to a mile away. Two-way keychain transmitter/receivers are available on some remote starters. The status panel on the two-way transmitter displays information such as whether the doors are locked or unlocked, whether the car is remote started (and for how long), and other functions. Many of the transmitters have a mini-USB charging port and brilliant color screens.


Control from Your Smartphone

Add an app to your Android or iOS (Apple) smartphone for complete control and communication with your vehicle, no matter where you have service. Additional capabilities include tracking and automobile finder, as well as SMS message notifications. All of this is included in the majority of our remote car starters.

Contact us to set up a consultation.

Contact Us to schedule a no-cost consultation at our store so we can propose the finest remote starter for you. Even if you have complex transponder-based keys or a push-to-start system, we can inspect your vehicle and match a remote starter system to your unique make, model, and year of the vehicle. We love teaching our clients about what’s possible, and we’re excited to work with you.