Mobile Video


Mobile Entertainment Systems

When your vehicle has a back seat entertainment system, you have the kind of enchantment that many rear-seat passengers cherish for those long car drives. A mobile TV entertainment system from Music in Motion will keep the passengers occupied while you concentrate on the road, whether you’re traveling across town or across the country. We have a wide range of solutions to fit your car, and we can construct almost any solution you require.

Use your existing tablet with our hardwiring and tablet mount options.

If you already have an iPad or other tablet device that you’d want to use as your back seat screen, we have secure mounting choices and hard wiring for the charging cords so that the tablets may be installed properly and stay powered while in use.


Headrest Monitors

Music In Motion headrest monitors are factory-matched upholstery headrests with built-in video screens ranging in size from 6″ to 9″ diagonally. Some include DVD and media players built in, as well as USB, SD card, and other ports. The original headrests are removed during the installation, but you can keep them if you resell the vehicle or want to remove the mobile video system. Headrest monitors have the advantage of providing each left and right back seat passenger with their own direct viewing screen, which can usually be programmed to play individual source content. This reduces the amount of content-related arguing among the children. Wireless headphones are generally included with these systems to allow personal listening while the front seat passengers listen to the radio.

Our experienced fabrication department may alter existing headrests to accommodate video screens and make it appear as if it was a factory option when no headrest replacement solution is available. We can provide a headrest video if that is what you require.


Monitors in the Sky

When not in use, overhead monitors fold down and store virtually flat against the roof when closed. Because these are available in screen sizes up to 15″ or larger, they are an excellent choice for vehicles with several passengers who must view the screen. This provides everyone with a fantastic perspective. Many overhead screens also include built-in DVD players and game systems. Some have USB, SD card, and 3.5mm jack media inputs, just like the headrest displays. The latest overhead screens even have an HDMI input for connecting to the output port on your Android phone. You can use the Android device as a media source and display the content on the vehicle’s overhead screen in this manner. Wireless headphones are usually included with these systems to allow for personal listening.

Screens that Stand Alone

We have stand-alone LCD screens ranging in size from 4″ to over 24″ that may be placed wherever you like. These are handy in vehicles where replacing the headrests or overhead screens isn’t an option. Whether you need a limousine, a transportation van, or a commercial vehicle with a television screen for work-related information, we have nearly endless alternatives. When the screen is combined with our wide fabrication skills, it may be aesthetically integrated and securely fixed to ensure ease of use and occupant safety.


Fabrication of a Custom Dash

We may even custom build screens or tablet devices (such as iPads or Android-based tablets) onto a vehicle’s dash if one is missing. This is a highly specialized service that we provide to clients that are looking for something cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind. For more information, speak with one of our product consultants to see whether your vehicle is a good fit for a personalized in-dash screen.

Come in and see us now to discuss your mobile video options.

Contact Us to schedule a no-cost consultation in our store. This is the best way for us to recommend any mobile video system. We may inspect your car and assess your needs in order to give intelligent and effective upgrade recommendations. We love teaching our clients about what’s possible, and we’re excited to work with you.