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Music in Motion, based in Boyne City, Michigan, is a leader in automotive driver safety solutions. Advanced camera safety systems are one of our most fascinating solutions. Most of us have seen and used a backup camera, and we appreciate the increased security it gives when driving backward. Advanced systems increase your capacity to see what’s going on behind you to a whole new level. We can now show you your blind zones, making changing lanes on a crowded road safer. Our 360-degree camera systems give you a full view of your car at all times, saving you from costly accidents and damage to your vehicle and others.

Camera safety systems provide a bird's-eye view of your surroundings.

Consider a camera system that allows you to gaze down on your vehicle from above, assisting you in maneuvering through a tight parking spot or a congested shopping mall. Isn’t that fantastic? What if it came with a backup camera and a blind spot camera system to make it even better? With our 360-degree camera systems, that realism is already a reality.

Music in Motion will strategically deploy four cameras on your vehicle: one in front, one in the back, and one on each side. The cameras are then “stitched” together using sophisticated algorithms, allowing you to see all the way around your vehicle. This is the pinnacle of safety camera technology.

Prevent accidents with the use of blind spot cameras.

Have you ever tried to change lanes and been greeted with a loud horn and shock when you attempted to get over despite having done all of your checks? Someone was in your blind spot, and you were completely unaware of it.

The good news is that a blind spot camera system can help you avoid these potentially harmful situations. Music in Motion can install a blind spot camera beneath each of your side view mirrors that is precisely targeted into your blind zone. We set up the technology inside the vehicle to show the image from the camera whenever you engage your turn signal. You can view the left camera image if you turn on your left blinker. You can view the right camera image if you turn on your right blinker.


The image can be displayed in one of four ways:

We can utilize your dash’s existing color screen.

With a new in-dash stereo system with a color display, you can replace your old one.

We can install a new rearview mirror with an LCD monitor built in.

Opt for a stand-alone monitor strategically placed.
(This is particularly common in business applications.)

Our team of professionals will work with you to discover the ideal solution for your needs, as each vehicle is unique.


Every product we sell is certified.

We promptly begin our own testing to verify a product’s longevity and reliability when new technology hits the market that can make our clients safer. We will not sell a product that does not meet our stringent requirements in those areas. It appears that we are rejecting more things than we are approving these days. You don’t want to scrimp on quality when purchasing a device that could save your life. We want to give you the finest, and we want to give it to you.

Installation is comparable to that of a vehicle manufacturer.

You’ll need a shop that handles professional installations once you’ve chosen one of these smart camera safety systems. Music in Motion employs industry-standard installation techniques that meet or surpass those used by vehicle manufacturers.


Come in and check out our camera safety solutions.

We invite you to visit our cutting-edge facility in Boyne City, Michigan, and speak with one of our highly trained professionals. They will collaborate with you to discover the most appropriate solution for your requirements. Allow us to demonstrate why we are one of the nation’s most respected mobile electronics retailers.

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