Navigation Systems



You won’t need to ask for directions on your future trips if you use one of our in-dash navigation systems. An in-dash navigation system placed in your vehicle will be a productive and useful tool for safely and efficiently getting you where you want to go, with robust, up-to-date maps and millions of points of interest (POIs).

With Music in Motion's in-dash navigation systems you can trust the accuracy of your maps.

Our in-dash navigation systems contain a built-in gyroscope to evaluate the rate of turn (are you getting off the freeway or making a hard right turn) and a cable link to the vehicle’s speed sensors, so you have exact data on the vehicle’s actual speed, not just GPS-calculated speed. This is especially useful on parallel highways, where a freeway may be adjacent to a frontage road, and the in-dash system can tell which of the two you’re traveling on based on speed and other parameters. This improves the accuracy of your maps and progresses on your chosen itinerary.

Why not make use of your smartphone?

Many of our clients wonder why they can’t just use their smartphone to navigate using a mapping app (software). An in-dash navigation system has the maps saved in the device, thus it does not rely on cellular service for precise mapping of your location. This is especially significant in rural areas, where cellular coverage is inconsistent or non-existent.

Other benefits include:

In-dash navigation systems also include screens that alter when you approach route milestones like junctions or highway exits, and they display information in easy-to-read formats.

If you need voice instructions, the in-dash navigation system connects to your car’s speakers and broadcasts command as needed. The music is paused and muted while broadcasting navigation commands then resumes where you left off.

Music in Motion can upgrade your car’s navigation system and put the world at your fingertips.


Easily find hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and other establishments.

You’ll never have to worry about how to look for and route to the desired destination with the millions of integrated points of interest (POIs), which include restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and more. Simply browse the different categories on the built-in POI database of the in-dash navigation system, and you’ll have more options than you can imagine in seconds. You’ll be guided to your location in no time if you refine your search by letter or distance. This is especially important when traveling or getting about in unfamiliar areas of town. If you have a family member visiting from out of town, this can also help them move around.

And map updates are easy.

When it comes to map updates, almost all of our in-dash navigation systems have them available for free. The navigation system will identify the files if you download them and save them to an SD Card or USB thumb drive. Alternatively, we can do it for you. It’s just another service we provide to our valued customers.


Navigation: The Music in Motion Advantage

One of the major benefits of purchasing and installing an in-dash navigation system is that we take the time to educate you on all of the system’s capabilities and operation. Many consumers underutilize their navigation systems because they don’t realize the breadth of capabilities available or how to quickly access each one. In general, the screen information and how you wish to see the navigation routes can be customized to some extent, which we can assist with.

Finally, because we are an official Alpine Flagship dealer, our Alpine navigation units come with a full two-year guarantee (one year longer than the industry standard). This gives you peace of mind and a lot of value for your money when you get an in-dash navigation system. We also have Pioneer high-tech navigation systems available.

Take a look at our navigation options.

Contact Us to schedule a no-cost consultation in our store. This is the best way for us to recommend any in-dash navigation system. We may inspect your classic, restomod, or modern car and assess your driving demands in order to make intelligent and effective upgrade recommendations. We love teaching our clients about what’s possible, and we’re excited to work with you.