Who We Are


Decades of Experience

The Music in Motion staff is dedicated to the mobile electronics market. Our company has evolved into its current position, which includes a large retail building with many installation bays and full-time personnel.

The goal is to give service that will keep our clients as customers for life.

We accomplish this by conducting business in a totally different manner than our competitors. When you walk into our spotless, modern building, you’ll see what we refer to as “solution selling.” All of our employees have been trained to inspect your vehicle, get to know you better, and grasp your upgrade objectives. We’ll discuss how you use your vehicle on a typical week, how long your commute is, and if it’s your primary vehicle or a weekend getaway vehicle.

If you are interested in an audio update, we often sit in your vehicle with you and listen to music after spending time looking over how it is outfitted. You can tell us what you like about the present stereo and what you don’t like about it. Then we take you to our showroom, where we put all of the information we’ve acquired to good use and allow you to begin listening to music on products that will improve your listening experience.

Our service is based on a solution.

We come up with a solution based on goods that are meant to function together and include all labor and installation parts at the end of our time together. We do everything we can to make things as simple as possible for you. Do you want to know how much each item on your burger costs when you go to a restaurant, or do you want to know the whole cost of your meal? You want to know the whole cost so you can make sure it fits into your budget. That’s how things operate at Music in Motion. We will give you the whole installed price upfront, with no hidden fees. If it appeals to you, you’ll enjoy working with us. Around here, we keep things simple.


World-class Custom Fabrication Capabilities.

Once you’ve chosen a solution, it’s time to put it in place. Our team excels in this field as well. Our specialists are among the best in the United States, and they do all of our installations using industry-standard methods. Everything we do is meant to meet or exceed a car manufacturer’s specifications. This is done for two reasons: For starters, the installation is more durable. Second, a service expert can work on your restomod classic car or vehicle more easily once it has been damaged. Did you know that when a Porsche Cayman is serviced, the bumper frequently has to be removed? Does the technician plan ahead and install a waterproof quick disconnect for the camera wire if you have a backup camera? If Music in Motion is working with your vehicle, it will undoubtedly have that link.

We use state of the art technology.

As automobiles get more sophisticated, the firm that works on them must understand not just this contemporary technology, but also how to incorporate them into your vehicle – that’s just Who We Are. Our crew specializes in installing enhancements that work in perfect harmony with the rest of your vehicle’s technology. The following are some of our most popular items:

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    Upgrades to your car's audio system, such as speakers, amplifiers, processors, and subwoofers
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    Models with CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as in-dash navigation systems and touchscreen devices
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    Bluetooth, USB ports, SiriusXM, HD Radio, and internet radio channels like Spotify and Pandora are all available as replacement in-dash sound systems
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    Factory-installed stereo systems, including high sound models, are repaired.
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    Backup cameras, blind spot cameras, 360-degree video systems, parking sensors, collision avoidance systems, and blind spot sensors are examples of driver safety products.
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    Alarm systems, remote car starters, GPS tracking, and keyless entry systems are just some of the options available.
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    Entertainment systems for the back seats
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    Tinting the windows

All of our products have full in-house custom fabrication capabilities; our staff works with wood, metal, composites, and a variety of upholstery materials to create the aesthetic you’ve always desired.


Please come in and have a look for yourself.

Whether you need something big or small done, we are here to help. Stop by Music in Motion in Boyne City, Michigan to see for yourself why more and more customers trust their automobiles to us. This is Who We Are.