The Definitive Guide to Remote Starters for Automobiles


The Definitive Guide to Remote Starters for Automobiles answers the question, “What does a remote car starter do?”

Winter is in full swing, and it’s snowing heavily. You’re dreading the prospect of getting into your frozen-over car that is parked outside. If only there was a way to warm my car up before I get in it, you think to yourself. You’re fortunate, then! That’s what remote car starts do!

With the aid of a remote key fob or a smartphone app, car remote starting systems let you start your car from a distance. Advanced systems allow you to put on extra convenience and auto security features while more basic systems only allow you to switch your car on and off.

How Do Systems For Remote Start Operate?

A control module/radio receiver and a remote transmitter make up the two main components of remote start systems. When the control module is put in place, you can start your car from a distance by pressing a button on the remote transmitter.

The usage of remote starters to warm up a car’s engine and turn on its heater/defroster is most common in colder regions. When it’s snowing and below-freezing outside in the winter, this is extremely practical. In particularly hot conditions, they can also be used to activate the air conditioning.

After-Market vs. Factory Remote Start

Factory remote start systems are now available on many new cars, although their functionality and range are severely constrained. A factory remote starter typically has a 30-foot range, so you must be somewhat close to your car in order to start it.

On the other hand, aftermarket remote start systems provide a wide range of additional functions in addition to the improved range. For instance, several businesses offer remote start systems with a range of up to three miles and the opportunity to upgrade to a 2-way remote. Two-way remotes let you give instructions to your car and get a confirmation when they work. A few firms’ remote controls are also equipped with water-resistant technology, interactive LCD displays, and USB charging capabilities.

The ability to install or upgrade aftermarket remote start systems to include a sophisticated security system is another benefit. Many vehicle security systems have extra sensors to detect collisions, invasions, and theft. When combined with a 2-Way LCD remote, these sensors will alert you when they are triggered.

Do I have to surrender a key?

Getting a remote starter that doesn’t require one of your keys to function is becoming more and more crucial as car keys get more complicated and expensive. If your car is compatible, you don’t have to hand up a key.

What Will A Remote Start System Require? The following essential parts will be required if you decide to install a remote start system in your car:

  • Professional Installer of a Remote Start
  • Control Module
  • Remote Transmitter

The Definitive Guide to Remote Starters for Automobiles – Advantages of remote starting for your car


One of the most popular automotive innovations of the twenty-first century is the remote starter for cars. It’s not surprising that remote starters are spreading like auto alarm systems because they are so inexpensive and simple to install aftermarket. Ten of the numerous benefits that car remote starters provide are as follows:

1. Starting your car in the comfort of your home on a chilly morning.

No more trembling on a chilly seat while awaiting the warmth to come on. This can be handy with classic cars and restomods.

2. Remotely activate your defroster to melt the snow and ice off of your automobile.

Never again will you need to scrape a peephole out of your windshield!

3. On particularly warm summer days.

Turn on the air conditioning so that your car is comfortably cool before you get in. No more checking to see if the steering wheel is still too hot to touch by patting it.

4. Keeping the children content.

Children are more sensitive to temperature extremes than adults are, and they have a way of communicating when they’re uncomfortable. Remote starters stop that issue in its tracks!

5. Choosing your car’s location in a big or congested lot.

Never again will you need to stomp around the parking lot of the mall seeking your vehicle.

6. Increasing or enhancing your vehicle’s security.

Nowadays, car alarm systems are unfortunately necessary, so choosing a remote starter system with integrated security can boost safety and provide you with more peace of mind.

7. Making an impression on your partner, friends, and coworkers.

The system will continue to leave a lasting impression on anyone you provide a ride too long after you begin to take it for granted.

8. Connect your automobile and smartphone.

You may access a plethora of extra options and drive using your touchscreen by installing a remote starter that integrates with your phone.

9. Watching where your car goes.

If you ever loan out your car, remote starters with GPS tracking make it possible for you to track the whereabouts of your vehicle at all times. In this manner, you may confirm that Junior is merely attending a movie.

10. Generally raising your standard of living.

Seriously! Getting into a warm car on a cold morning—or a cool car on a hot one—will set a pleasant tone for every day of the week, any time of year. How we start our mornings can have a tremendous impact on our day.

Using a Manual Transmission and a Remote Car Starter


Although remote car starters are very straightforward equipment, correctly installing one in a vehicle with a manual transmission has some special challenges. The problem is that while mechanical shift links are used in the majority of manual transmissions, there is no sensor available to determine if the transmission is in neutral. In the absence of that, a remote starter may activate while the transmission was in gear, which could have disastrous results.

Although remote car starters are very straightforward equipment, correctly installing one in a vehicle with a manual transmission has some special challenges. The problem is that while mechanical shift links are used in the majority of manual transmissions, there is no sensor available to determine if the transmission is in neutral. In the absence of that, a remote starter may activate while the transmission was in gear, which could have disastrous results.

Remote car starters and manual transmissions: A Problem

When you install an automatic starter in a car with an automatic transmission, it usually double-checks the parking brake is engaged and the transmission is in park position before turning on the engine. It will simply verify that the transmission is in the park in some installations.

The lack of a park position is the primary issue with manual transmissions. They only have neutral, which functions somewhat similarly to park, except the transmission can freewheel. Parking pawls, which are used to lock automatic transmissions into position, are absent from manual transmissions.

The requirement to depress the clutch pedal before starting a car with a manual transmission is another major issue. Even while this is simpler to handle than ensuring sure the transmission is in neutral, there is still a barrier that doesn’t apply to cars with automatic transmissions.

The best way to get a remote starter to work with a manual transmission

The clutch interlock switch is what prevents you from starting a manual transmission car without depressing the clutch pedal. This switch is simple to get around since it prevents the engine from starting until the clutch foot is fully engaged.

The clutch interlock is a safety device that forbids the driver from starting the car while the gearbox is in gear, yet this is an issue. The interlock also stops children from rolling the car into a building or into oncoming traffic while unattended.

The possibility of starting the engine, or attempting to do so, with the transmission in gear exists if this safety device is removed.

Even though it’s unlikely the engine would start in those circumstances, depending on the gear it was left in, it might lurch either forward or backward. The vehicle might easily collide with another vehicle in those conditions, even with the parking brake engaged. Without the parking brake engaged, the car can roll into a structure, onto a road, or into a person.

That means that if a remote car starter is put in a car with a manual transmission, it must do the following three tasks:

  • Unlock the clutch by disabling it.
  • A neutral transmission should be checked.
  • Check to see if the parking brake is on.

Fixing the Manual Transmission Issues with Remote Car Starters

The clutch interlock switch is the most straightforward problem to fix. The remote car starting needs to be hooked into the clutch interlock in order to avoid the requirement that someone press the clutch pedal.

The mechanism turns off the interlock before turning on the starter when you push the start button on the remote. The device can also be connected to the parking brake switch that turns on the parking brake light in your dash using a similar procedure. It is possible to completely disable the remote starter if that switch is not turned on.

The problem of confirming that the transmission is in neutral is more challenging, and many techniques have been developed over time. The majority of these techniques were unnecessarily intricate and prone to error, but contemporary remote car starters benefit from many years of experimentation and failure.

Ensure That Your Car Is Started in Neutral

There are several methods for making sure the car is in neutral, but one of the safest ones requires a multi-step process that makes it difficult for the car to start by accident while in gear.

In this configuration, the remote starter is wired so that the vehicle must remain in neutral when you park it. The remote starter modifies the way you shut off your car in order to do this. Additionally, the door switches need to be wired with it.

What happens when a remote car starter of this kind is installed?

Just like you would usually, drive your car.

Find a parking spot, then back into it.

Put the gearshift in neutral and press the parking brake.

Remove the keys and turn off the ignition.

The engine will keep running because of how the remote starter is wired.

The engine will turn off when you exit the car and close the door.

What Causes This to Work, and Why?

While it is true that this procedure seems unduly cumbersome, it guarantees that the parking brake is engaged and the transmission is in a neutral position. Since the remote starter cannot be armed without the transmission is in neutral, a sophisticated position sensor on the transmission linkage is not necessary.

If any of the doors are opened before the remote is activated, the system will reset as an additional security feature. Therefore, the remote automobile starter will be turned off if somebody opens the door and maybe shifts the transmission into gear.

This system’s flaw is that you can’t use a convertible while using it safely, and you also can’t leave your windows down.

Additional Remote Car Starter Problems

While certain vehicles are more problematic than others, an experienced mechanic can usually find a secure solution in almost every situation.

For instance, the key may only be removed from some manual transmission cars when the transmission is in reverse. That won’t work for a remote starter, but a skilled technician can usually change the wiring to make it function.

Other automobiles with carburetors or anti-theft devices require extra tools and labor, and some should only be handled by experts. However, there is nearly always a workable option available even if there isn’t an off-the-shelf remote start kit that works.

If you still want remote auto-starting, you might need a special solution if you drive a convertible or a car that has any of these additional problems.

The Definitive Guide to Remote Starters for Automobiles – How to Buy a Remote Car Starter: Dos and Don’ts

How to Buy a Remote Car Starter

1. Do not purchase the starter from the installers.

Customers frequently enter our businesses using remote starters they purchased from Canadian Tire, Walmart, or Amazon. We are more familiar with the systems we sell than our specialists are with their wiring and programming techniques. As a result, installing these other systems will take longer, and the overall cost might be higher. You will need to return the system to the store where you bought it if the starter has a problem. Additional time and money will be needed for this.

2. Avoid attempting to install a starter on your own

Purchase Of A Remote Car Starter
Modern vehicles need data interface modules to be remote started and control door locks instead of the straightforward analog wires that were utilized to do each function in older vehicles. An authorized dealer must program these modules for your vehicle’s year, make, model, trim level, and occasionally for the remote starter system you’ve bought. Consumers cannot use this procedure.

A remote starter’s warranty specifies that the system must be installed by a licensed dealer.

3. Make sure you have sufficient range.

The range of a remote starter is important. Yes, you don’t need much range if your car or truck is parked in the driveway in front of your house. However, what happens when you go out to eat, see a movie, shop, or see a friend? To make sure you can start the car and give it time to warm up or cool down before you need to leave, you could need a lot more range than you anticipated.

4. Avoid purchasing from the cheapest vendor.

We’ll be upfront about this: We don’t have the cheapest remote starters. We provide knowledge, superior products, and top-notch customer service. More than a century of remote car starter installation experience is available from our installation crew. We only work with high-quality components, and we integrate them into your car in a way that guarantees their dependability and improves performance. It takes a bit longer to do things correctly, but the extra time is worthwhile.

5. When purchasing a remote car starter, go to the store.

Avoid shopping for a remote starter over the phone if you plan to do so (which we highly recommend). Visit every shop. Your starter should be installed correctly, not fast. As soon as you enter a business, you can tell how meticulously they handle every little aspect. You should be aware of the methods and philosophies employed by the business you are hiring to work on your car. Is the shop organized and clean? Are the shelves stocked and organized?

6. Avoid purchasing a pricey remote starter.

With your purchase of a remote starter, we want you to be completely satisfied. You want it to function dependably. We want to sell you a system that performs as you desire, and unless it’s for a completely unrelated transaction, we don’t want to see you again until your next car needs a starting. Your time and ours are both wasted when dealing with repairs for products that were badly designed or produced.

With Music In Motion, purchasing a remote car starter is simple.

Visit Music In Motion and speak with a member of our staff if you’re interested in purchasing a remote auto starter. We’ll make sure you have the system you require, at a reasonable price, and with a flawless installation. 

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