LED Lighting for Cars and Boats

Do you want to take your vehicle’s design to the next level? LED lighting for motorcycles, boats, cars, and trucks is an excellent choice. Custom LED lighting installs to allow you to make your vehicle more stylish and more functional. With all the different LED lighting options available at Music in Motion, it’s easy to get the perfect light system for your needs.

Upgrade Your Vehicle With LED Lights

upgrade-vehicle-with-led-lightsIf you are looking for ways to enhance your car, truck, or boat, LED lights are an excellent option. LED lights are a special type of light made from light-emitting diodes. These high-tech lights come with many features not found in typical automotive bulbs. One of the main LED lighting advantages is its versatility. LED bulbs come in all shapes and sizes. Some LED lighting designs look like a traditional headlight while others are flexible LED lighting stripes or narrow LED lighting tubes. This adjustability lets you use LED lights for just about every type of vehicle decor. Whether you want an elegant glow or a gleaming, futuristic look, LED lights are here to help.

When it comes to decorating your vehicle with LED lights, the possibilities are endless. LED lights for boats and cars can be installed in traditional areas such as headlights or brake lights. You can also use LED lighting bars and strips to accent your vehicle’s exterior. Popular options include adding lights behind rims, along boat rails, or on your vehicle’s underbody. Don’t forget the interior when you’re planning your LED lighting design. LED lights can add a tasteful glow to floorboards, dash storage, or steering wheels. For a more bespoke look, some people even like using LED lights to outline consoles, seats, and handles.

Enjoy a Variety of Awesome LED Lighting Benefits

variety-of-led-lightsWhy should you consider adding LED lighting to your car or boat? LED vehicle lights come with a lot of fantastic benefits. First of all, the visual appeal is second-to-none. Adding LED lights provides a touch of luxury to any vehicle, and you can use them to highlight all of your car or boat’s best features. LED bulbs offer a broad spectrum of color options, so you can customize your vehicle’s appearance.

Whether you want a bold glowing color behind your rims or just a brighter version of standard headlights, there is an LED lighting design for you. LEDs instantly add extra class and elegance to a vehicle. When people see your LED lighting solutions, they’ll automatically recognize the extra care and effort you put into your vehicle.

In addition to all the aesthetic LED lighting benefits, there are also some major practical perks. High-quality LED bulbs are energy efficient and can last up to 20,000 hours. Even powerful LED lighting with 12V input requirements won’t put a dent in your gas bill.

This makes them an eco-friendly choice for any car or boat owner. Once you finish your LED lighting installation, you don’t have to bother with replacing bulbs or other maintenance. Furthermore, LED lights are very adjustable. You can pick the perfect level of brightness that lets you see into the distance or subtly accent your vehicle.

Discover the Perks of Professional LED Light Installation

With all the LED light products on the market, some people light their cars just by sticking random battery-operated LED lighting strips everywhere. Though this solution is free, it’s not ideal. Why should you take the time to get a professional installation? Working with experts who have experience installing LED lighting for motorcycles, cars, and boats provides some unique advantages.

A custom installation is far more than just hanging a few bulbs on your car. It involves carefully creating a lighting system that seamlessly blends in with your whole vehicle. They’re carefully mounted directly onto your vehicle, so they won’t fall off or stick out awkwardly. When done correctly by talented professionals, your LED lights will look like a high-end feature that coordinates with the rest of your vehicle.

A professional LED lighting install also ensures that all the complex electronic components are properly connected. A custom installation hooks up the lights to your vehicle’s power source, so you can turn them on and off with the click of a button. And when you pay extra for expert installation, you can be confident that your lights will work perfectly. You won’t have to worry about finding LED lighting with a 12V rating to work with your car battery. You can also avoid having issues like lights blinking unexpectedly or the other electronics in your vehicle glitching.

Consider These LED Lighting Ideas

LED lighting for boats, cars, and other vehicles is very versatile, so you have plenty of appealing designs to choose from. The best-LED lighting layouts tend to take into account the shape and size of your vehicle. A custom design will ensure that all of your vehicle’s best assets are carefully highlighted. For example, LED lighting for ATVs emphasizes their exposed lower body while LED lighting for boats often calls attention to the broad boat deck.

When looking for LED lighting ideas, it can be helpful to think about the overall effect you want from your LEDs. Do you want soft mood lighting or a bright, sci-fi shine? Is your aim to make your vehicle look more luxurious or more fun? These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself as you consider LEDs. It can help guide you toward the right LED lighting layout for your vehicle.

As you plan your LED lighting designs, you must consider both direct and ambient light. Direct LED lighting is visible lighting such as LED ropes or bars. This bright light with bold edges is ideal for highlighting areas like the edge of your headlights or the running board of a truck. When you want crisp, streamlined lighting, direct lights are the way to go.

Keep in mind that many LED lights also reflect off of other surfaces. This indirect ambient light has a soft, glowing effect that adds even more visual appeal to your design. It’s ideal for brightening up interior spaces like boat decks or car seating. Many people also like to use indirect lighting for areas like their vehicle’s grill or underbody. The light bounces off of car parts and the road to create a gentle, colorful glow.

Explore Your Different LED Lighting Options

When you’re selecting LED lighting for a car or boat, you have a lot of different things to consider. To avoid getting overwhelmed or confused, it’s easiest to start by considering the size of light you want. Consider whether you want the light bulb itself to be noticeable or whether you just want its light rays to be visible. Typically, LED lighting bars provide the boldest impact.

For hidden lighting, you may want to try to narrow LED lighting tubes instead. Some LED bulb styles are flexible ropes that work well for bending around the edges of seats or wheels. However, for exterior lighting, you may need rigid light bars that are a little sturdier.

Next, consider what color of light you want for your LED lighting strips. If you are getting single-color lights, you need to pay close attention to LED lighting color temperature. Lighting temperature is typically measured in Kelvins. An LED lighting color temperature of around 7000K is a blueish color while a temperature of 2700K is an orangish color.

Blue Colors are Ideal

Typically, bluer colors make it easier to see your surroundings while warmer colors are gentler on the eyes. When selecting color-changing lights, you don’t need to focus as much on a specific shade. These LEDs allow you to switch between different shades to find the right color for your mood.

The final step in light selection will be choosing your level of brightness. LED lighting for cars and boats is usually measured in lumens instead of the watt measurement used for standard lighting. Watt measurements rely on the amount of power a bulb uses, but since LEDs are so energy-efficient, watt measurements aren’t accurate.

Instead, LED lighting lumens tell you how much light a bulb provides. The right brightness depends on how you are using your lights. When looking for something like spotlight LED lighting for ATVs or boats, you might want something as bright as 2,000 lumens. If you are looking for headlight levels of brightness, bulbs in a 700 to 1200 lumens level work well. When looking for decorative LED lighting, you may want to go as low as 500 lumens. You also have the option of selecting adjustable lights that let you increase or decrease your LED lighting lumens.

LED Lighting Experts You Can Trust

When you’re looking for LED lighting experts, turn to Music in Motion. This company is one of the top vehicle customization businesses in the area. Customers choose this shop because it offers unparalleled service and quality LED lighting solutions. The team is always friendly, always professional, and always courteous. You can count on this company to be prompt and reliable, and it offers very affordable rates for LED lights.

LED lights require an in-depth understanding of the complex electronic systems in a vehicle, so this business takes the time to train its technicians on a variety of cars, boats, and more. The team has plenty of experience working with LED lighting systems. Whether your job is big or small, you can get the same attention to detail and high-quality work. Choosing Music in Motion means you can be confident that you will get fantastic results.

As LED lighting experts, the team is comfortable working on a variety of vehicles. Of course, LED lighting for a car or truck is the most common option. However, they also have experience working on LED lighting for boats and even LED lighting for ATVs. The team’s expertise will help you find an LED product that provides you with the right amount of durability, flexibility, and style for your vehicle.

Learn More About the LED Lighting Install Process

Customers choose this company because it makes the whole LED light process simple and convenient. The light installers start by taking the time to listen to you and learn how you want your vehicle to look. If you have a specific type of light in mind, they’re happy to follow your instructions precisely. If you aren’t quite sure what you want yet, they can offer suggestions or recommend lighting systems that will get your desired effect.

Once the team’s helped you finalize your LED lighting solutions, they’ll provide a detailed quote. You can learn exactly how much everything costs and discover how long the work will take. As soon as you finalize things, the team will start ordering parts to build your personalized LED light system. When all the parts are in, you can just drop your vehicle by the shop. Highly-trained technicians will connect the lights to your vehicle’s power source and securely mount them in place. They’ll work as quickly as possible, so your installation may be done in as little as one day.

To complete your installation, the technicians will set up your lights with your desired control system. For simpler designs, this might be as easy as flipping a button on and off. For more complex systems, they will sync everything to an LED lighting controller that lets you adjust color, brightness, and more.

When you’re ready to pick up your car, your customer care representative can guide you through your new system and help you learn how to use the LED lighting controller. Like all other services in the shop, your happiness is a priority. In the rare event of a customer not being satisfied, the team is happy to make adjustments and alterations.

Get Started on Your LED Lighting Installation

If you’re ready to enjoy all the LED lighting advantages, Music in Motion is here to help. Their team specializes in helping car and boat owners turn their dreams into reality. They’ll be there to assist you with every stage from planning to installation to operation.

In addition to LED lights, They also provide a variety of other services, including car audio upgrades, custom video installation, wheel and tire enhancements, and window tinting. If you would like to learn more about their services, contact the customer service team today to schedule a consultation.

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