What is a High-End Car Audio Installation?

Music in Motion provides high-quality audio in any vehicle. In fact, our team designs fabricate and install custom audio solutions for your vehicle. Options include customized mounts for speakers that blend perfectly within your vehicle’s interior and specialized accessories. The best way to evaluate the type of work we do is to look at the successful audio installations we’ve completed in the past.

This package offers a unique and exclusive sonic experience customized to your car and musical tastes. Moreover, our system tuning brings out the fine details and nuances of any musical style with clear, well-separated sounds. Satisfied customers end up promoting our best services to their personal and professional networks. This is why we always go the extra mile. We encourage prospective clients to read our customer testimonials to learn more about the full value of a high-quality car audio installation.

Achieving Extreme Audio Quality

Experts perform these professional audio installations. As a result, clients benefit from our accumulation of insight and knowledge when handling audio builds and installations for luxury vehicles. There is no substitute for experience in this industry, and each installation’s treated with the focus that we’d give to our own cars.

In addition to the required experience, we have the right specialized tools. Furthermore, this reduces the time needed to fix your car’s sound system. High-end automobile audio should never sacrifice quality. However, even though your luxury vehicle may have a great original audio system, aftermarket enhancements are available.

Enhancing Audio Outcomes, Our Team


Our team’s dedication to crafting the most exhilarating audio environment for your particular vehicle. This is the true passion of our team; we apply decades of combined experience to solve a wide variety of problems presented by each particular vehicle. This may include head unit installation, system tuning, and bespoke fabrication using a CNC machine or Trotec Laser.

Take your audio quality from good to great. We offer a range of options that enhance every aspect of your system. From the type of materials used in the interior to the shape of the panel mounts, every feature blends perfectly with your car. This minimizes the amount of noise penetrating from the engine into the chassis. In addition, we analyze other acoustic considerations carefully.

We design a specific plan to fit the specific aspects of your vehicle. Every part of our custom fabrication and installation takes advantage of your vehicle’s existing attributes. Fine car owners demand the audio system to match or surpass the car’s design. High-end audio installations fit your musical tastes and vehicle’s aesthetics.

Safeguarding Your Investment

Our company’s dedication to ensuring that your investment pays off over the long haul. Moreover, the vehicle’s interior space becomes sonically transformed through our design and customization. However, this acoustic change will teleport you into a space that sounds like a concert hall, dance club, or another musical venue.

Your sound system’s precision and clarity unleash your imagination. However, preserving the frequency range while avoiding distortion in the bass end is nothing short of an art form. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to tune your audio system to avoid pitch distortion and other unpleasant audio artifacts. The experience of exceptional audio will be with you on the road regardless of your destination.

Why Invest in Customized Audio?

Why Invest in Customized Audio

Customized audio solutions are effective at producing the richest and pure sonorities in the confined space of your vehicle. The system’s designed and wired in order to offer an audio experience that you will enjoy year after year. We know how to create a clear separation of frequency ranges without distortion or muted noises.

From the top of the audio frequency range to the low bass end, the balance and symmetry of the audio experience depend on the capacity of your installation team to select the best materials, cables, amplifiers, and drivers for each build. However, the customization and fabrication part of the build requires a special skill set that only comes after many years of experience.

This is a major investment, so it’s important to understand why the professional installation is worth it. Lighter, more precise speaker mounts are laser-cut. The hidden installation uses only high-quality wires. Power and signal wires shouldn’t share a door or floorboard. These details are paramount to ensuring the highest level of safety and performance. The wiring may bypass various parts of the trim and carpeting, so experience during the installation is paramount.

Amplifiers, Tuning a Car Audio System

Mosconi amplifiers are ideal for boosting the quality of sound in your OEM system; however, in combination with a customized build, it’s a powerhouse that provides a punchy sound that’s hard to believe at first. We are proud to select only the finest equipment for our client’s high-end custom audio build. The tiny size of the Mosconi pro amplifier allows it to mount in a variety of locations without extra prep work.

This gives the custom builders the freedom to install it in the most sensible location for audio purposes. There might be several options available, and this depends on the vehicle’s interior design. We carefully analyze the best routing and wiring path in addition to possible mounting options to select the right solution for your car. However, using a pro-Mosconi amplifier with a well-tuned woofer, mid, and tweeter is unbeatable. We use science and method to optimize the electrical system. For example, we use a real-time analyzer RTA to provide the feedback necessary to decide how to tune the system.

This information tells us where to adjust the various speakers in order to strike the right balance between the rear fill with the front stage. The speaker drivers are compatible with active crossovers, so tuning a car audio system has never been easier. Our friendly technicians are happy to answer any questions about the process.

Why Mosconi Amplifiers?


The Mosconi amplifier fits into this overall audio scheme because of the superb precision in this amplification circuitry; it’s truly a grade above previous versions from the same company. The 35-power component circuit board has a well-placed aluminum heatsink. Any experienced audiophile will appreciate this emergency cooling system. Complementing the first four AB circuits is a class D bass channel. Four main channels are split into pairs. Channel pairs have three power amplifiers. First for A and B, then C and D; channel E is digital mono.

What is a High or Low Pass Filter?

Per-channel high-pass and low-pass filters are enabled. Both channels are affected. Six subsidiary boards route and convert signals. Bypassing diplexers is possible with the switch. This allows for two, four, or six channels. Mosconi amplifiers were designed with the audio tuning professional in mind. Total control over the amplifiers enables our audio technicians to demonstrate the tuning of channels and speakers in order to arrive at the most incredible final audio quality.

High-end car audio installations will take advantage of the finest products available in the audio aftermarket at any given point in time. The list below is a demonstration of what the current options for our customers might look like. Class D amplifiers are best for subwoofers, and A/B amplifiers produce the best sound.

Here are a few of the popular Mosconi amplifiers:

  • Pro 110 Mono Full Range Class D Amp
  • Pro 530 5 CHANNEL CLASS AB
  • Pro 430 4 Channel Full Range Class A-AB Amp
  • Pro 410 4 Channel Class AB Amplifier
  • Pro 210 2 Channel Class AB Amplifier

Benefits of Customization


Customization involves cutting the speaker mount assembly parts into sections that fit the exact measurements of the speakers. Our router and laser cutter options enable us to design and manufacture the parts in order to fit the precise dimensions taken during the measurement of the vehicle’s interior panels. Acrylic cement is used as a welding material, and the fiberglass is sanded before being covered by a smooth panel. This is polished and professional.

Housings for subwoofers can be installed and fabricated to match the exterior or interior. The top insert piece and grill cloth fit make perfect conformity in the most luxurious interior layout while enabling easy access to the subwoofer. Matching fabrics may include suede, leather, and other fabrics.

The simplicity of the design and installation maintains a sleek and professional look while making the conductors and control access points blend perfectly with the vehicle’s design. Presets can be easily programmed to quickly change the bass amplifier’s sound.

What are the Benefits?

We can design and manufacture subwoofer enclosures for your trunk using custom fabrication. Tweeter and mid-range speaker mounts fit your car’s interior paneling. Customization is the best solution for the problem of trying to mount a speaker set inside a vehicle that doesn’t come with any mounting provided by the vehicle manufacturer. The customized speakers perfectly fit the vehicle and provide that front stage effect for the listeners to enjoy.

Custom Fabrication for High-End Audio Car Installations


Custom fabrication involves a variety of steps. Our experts are adept at designing and building specific electrical installations, upgrading, adjusting trim panels, and more. Subwoofers and speakers require a thick grade for the cabling in order to minimize or eliminate any ground noise.

The flexibility of the wiring enables the car to be wired without losing audio fidelity due to the length of the cable. This is a critical part of any custom fabrication. High-quality audio cables unlock great sounds; we don’t cut corners in this area, and this philosophy is how we maintain a competitive edge.

The final result is essential to the success of our method, which is meticulous and precise. The routing of these cables and wires through your specific system must be done with care and precision. Each solution is unique, so you can take real pride in ownership after all this work is complete.

Variety of Techniques

There is a wide variety of techniques we might utilize for our custom fabrication work; it could involve shaping the interior and making modifications with cutting tools:

  • Carbide router bits provide fine control over material cuts. This production process uses routers and PVC, acrylic, and aluminum.
  • A 3D printer can also produce part designs specifically for your vehicle build. Customization ensures that your final product is a unique design that you can fully own with pride. Aftermarket and customized parts are the keys to ensuring that your build is unique and exclusive to your particular make and model.
  • Laser tools are incredibly powerful at delivering the finest results. We can craft a perfect cutout for any mounting bracket or other parts for the installation with precision. Limits are practically removed when it comes to cutting materials with CNC tools.
  • This is the basis for all great manufacturing, and now we offer our customers the benefits of the technology through our Trotec Laser machine. We create precision cuts that perfectly match the contours of your vehicle’s interior to provide a sleek and professional finish every single time.
  • Door panels are removed to enable the wiring of the audio system to occur behind the scenes and out of sight. Remember that the audio staging process utilizes every possible feature of your vehicle to route the wires and electrical components in the most efficient manner possible.


Acrylic adapters can be used to mount the mid-range speakers and tweeters into one of the factory locations in some cars. If the car doesn’t have these locations available, custom applications can be built to match your specifications. Factory amplifiers can often fit in the floorboards, for example. Each vehicle’s analyzed to minimize any sense of intrusiveness so that the appearance is consistent with the factory build of the car.

Hiring Professional Audio Installers

The cost of hiring professionals to perform this high-end audio installation work is justified in most cases. Do-it-yourself audiophiles might lack some of the necessary tools or experience, and the investment of time is rather high. In addition, electrical systems often come with certain difficulties best left to professionals.

Some automobiles may need ground wiring for the trunk subwoofer and sound treatment materials. The speaker cabinet may need to be custom-built to fit the car. This is theoretically a do-it-yourself project, but it’s labor hard and risky due to wiring and electronics. High-quality signal lines reduce noise regardless of placement, but installation requirements should be followed.

Precise Installation Procedures


The precision of the installation involves specialty tools for wire wrapping for the interior compartments where it passes through grommets and other apertures in the vehicle. Head units must communicate to the amplifiers without interference, and the vehicle’s wiring will ensure accurate control. Before wiring, perform a continuity test. This test finds bad wires before installation, preventing audio system problems. A small mistake could damage the electrical system.

Its All About The Tools

The correct tools, fabrics, and materials provide a seamless appearance in the final stage. However, this is a polished look that is deceptively simple when compared to the experience involved in producing this unobtrusive final appearance.

High-end audio installations for cars benefit anyone interested in obtaining a luxurious audio experience within any vehicle. The high-end car audio installation effectively transforms the sonic space into a soundscape that captures incredible detail. Enjoy the fullness of music as it’s intended to be heard.

Our customized solution will appeal to any audiophile owner; it provides exceptional entertainment to passengers inside of the vehicle while positioning the sound image clearly in the center. The desired result is a clear and unmuffled sonic experience that captures the full frequency range from high to low. It preserves mid-range tones and centers the audio image, but the process can be complex.

Material and Equipment Selection

Professional installations involve pairing the right audio amplifiers, drivers, subwoofer, tweeter, and mid-range speaker. Moreover, cutouts must be precise to avoid an unprofessional finish when customizing tweeter and mid-range speaker mounts. In addition, our expert staff designs and fabricates to avoid DIY audiophile blunders.

Multiple wires must be managed to minimize interior disruption. The vehicle wiring process will often require soldering and routing from one area to another. Professional audio installers understand how to handle these issues with a minimal amount of invasiveness in your vehicle. Avoiding any electrical hazards or mistakes is of paramount importance.

High-End Audio Installation


The goal of the high-end audio installation is to provide you with the best listening experience imaginable. Moreover, upgrades and advances in audio technology make this possible. However, the latest products, drivers, and options now allow the audio enthusiast to experience unparalleled clarity in the quality of the final sound. Fine high-range details can now be heard without ear piercing.

The lower end is tempered to avoid muddiness without losing the bass’s fullness. Each vehicle’s sound system will reflect the owner’s goals. Our high-end audio installation team works hard to fulfill the car owner’s vision.

Essentially, the audio system will be tuned in order to bring the mainstream audiophile an extraordinary listening experience. Moreover, the listening experience will rival the staging of a concert hall. This allows the listener to bask in the finest details of artistic performance while maintaining the highest fidelity in the acoustic reflections.

The effect of full surround sound in your audio setup is an incredible experience. However, this luxurious audio quality is now available to the mainstream customer looking for the finest audio system possible at a reasonable price point. For example, the first step in understanding this process is to visualize audio staging inside of your personal vehicle.

What is Car Audio Staging?

Car audio staging outfits and tunes the vehicle’s audio system to imitate music hall acoustics. However, this means most of the audio will come from the front speakers and reflections from behind add depth. Furthermore, the car’s audio picture should be focused to ensure cohesion and a balanced listening environment. The vehicle’s speaker, tweeter, and subwoofer mounting options determine the surround sound impression. Amplifiers require additional head unit connections but can boost sound quality.

How to Achieve High-End Car Audio Staging

High-end car audio is defined by the clarity of the sound and the fidelity of audio nuances. The quality of the speaker, tweeter, and subwoofers are just part of the picture; you also need proper cable quality, routing, and placement to get the best result. These materials transmit audio signals to output units, which must be made with the best materials and processes. There are no shortcuts when planning to achieve the most luxurious audio imaginable.

The audio staging process is essential to achieving high-end car installation. It requires the installation professional to decide where to place the speakers, amplifiers, and wires to achieve this result. Once this part is done, the audio tuning must be completed.

Finely balanced audio systems in the car create a listening environment that mimics the best concert halls in terms of balance, acoustics, and sound positioning. In fact, this is the desired goal of any audiophile seeking the best car audio system for their vehicle; however, the question of how to achieve this is a matter for our professionals. Moreover, this includes every detail from the quality of the amplifier to the gauge of the cable used for the subwoofer.

Audio Solutions for Vehicles

We customize your vehicle’s speakers and amplifiers to improve audio quality. However, sonic distortion is just as significant as a car’s visual appeal. Component systems provide exceptional solutions; they can deliver the best audio experience while handling dampening factors and channel pairing. Furthermore, the vehicle owner may also have special requests to make based on our capacity to install the perfect high-end audio solution to realize your sonic goals.

High-end car audio installations can be customized in many ways:

  • Real-Time Analyzer, or RTA: This is one of the most reliable tools that enables audio professionals to get a clear visualization of how the sound system interacts with various aspects of the vehicle. This is an analytical tool for sound treatment, which is just as important in a vehicle as it is for a studio or concert hall.
  • An Oscilloscope is a similar tool that works with the RTA to achieve the best audio results.
  • Utopia M loudspeakers deliver pristine sound. This is a significant improvement from the previous generation of speakers from Utopia Be speakers, which were the standard at the time. The flagship Utopia M speakers offer exquisite clarity while enhancing audio details.
  • The new Utopia M drivers now come in pairs. is an advance from the previous generation of Utopia Be speaker drivers.
  • Sound dampening and vibration reduction products, support the audio system and reduce noise.

Front Speakers, Front Stage


Customized car audio systems provide the best audio experience. For example, high-end front and rear speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers form the core of the car audio system. In addition, there are also digital signal processors, sound dampeners, and power cabling that contribute to the fidelity of the audio quality. Every aspect of the sound’s tailored to your vehicle.

Center Stage

Building up the audio system begins with the area referred to as the front stage. This is where most of the sound will be exiting the speakers, so the placement of the custom build is critically important for obtaining the best audio experience. The typical audio setup consists of a tweeter, a midrange speaker, and a woofer for the bass frequencies. However, the placement of each speaker might vary slightly, and this depends on the various materials and shapes of paneling within the vehicle’s interior.

Here’s just one example of a build for a high-end audio installation:

  • Custom build included SUB 10WM, 3.5M midrange speakers, TBM tweeters, and 8WM mid-bass driver.
  • Utopia M drivers now come in pairs, and they interface with the Utopia Be speakers, which have their own amplifier channels for frequency fine-tuning.
  • The system build can take advantage of the latest tweeters, midrange speakers, woofers, and drivers to achieve the best sonic experience for your specific vehicle.

Rear Speakers, Rear Fill

The front stage area is where the mid-range speaker and tweeter provide the core of the sound coming towards the listener in the front seats. However, there is also the back of the vehicle to consider. This is where professional audio designers use rear fill. This is based on active crossover technology, which typically uses a coaxial for the rear fill.

Rear speakers play sound reflected off the interior of the car. Active crossovers divide the audio signal’s frequency spectrum into high, middle, and low shelves.

Audio tuning modifies these bands, comparable to using a parametric equalizer in software. This allows the technician to program the sound range and frequency bandwidths to improve the musical genre projected to be most popular in that car. The speaker crossover may be in the cabinet circuitry or before the first pre-amp.


subwoofersFocal subwoofers provide efficient control over the quality of the bass-end frequency range. This improves reflections in the rear of the vehicle, and moderate power delivers a polished and smooth low-bandwidth sound. Small subwoofers are ideal for car audio. Consider the benefits of our selected 6WM and 8WM woofers:

  • M-profile subwoofers with W cones maximize low-end sound quality.
  • It features a double voice coil that is 4.7 inches, or 120mm in diameter that will please the most discerning audiophile.
  • The neodymium motor is a powerful workhorse that preserves the full dynamic range.
  • The foam core’s shielded by layers of glass fiber for protection.
  • The 80mm diameter voice coil is a large glass fiber configuration that connects to the woofer cone.
  • The construction results in a minimized speaker unit with exceptional durability.

Custom Fabrication, CNC Machine

Customization involves designing, producing, and installing parts for a permanent audio system. These details provide high-quality sound for any genre. Car audio aesthetics require customization and fabrication. Our staff is very thorough when solving each customer’s concern. A good CNC machine can let you install custom car audio. A laser cutting machine’s precision and speed allow for high-quality detail and accurate paneling shapes. This customizes the inside while keeping it authentic. When installing a head unit, pieces are trimmed so it fits perfectly.

Tuning a Car Audio System, Overview


The concept of tuning a car audio system might seem a little strange at first; after all, most people associate tuning with musical instruments but not audio equipment. This is an interesting use of the term, and there is certainly some justification for doing so. Adjusting the car’s settings improves the music being played.

Some individuals retune the system if the target frequency range changes drastically. However, bass, mid, and high-frequency dials produce sound profiles. This is like utilizing a graphic equalizer’s high-pass or low-pass filter. Moreover, adjust the frequency range knobs until the audio comes through the speakers without noise and distortion.

  • The treble controls adjust the high-frequency range, which determines the brightness. Untuned systems may muffle and obscure frequencies.
  • The listener’s bass preferences must be adjusted. For example, some people want to have a booming sound on the low-frequency end while others might prefer this range to be clean and undistorted.
  • Class D amplifiers: The choice of a Class D amplifier with full range in mono is one of the many optional enhancements that the vehicle customization process might include. The amplifier is a major component in any car audio system, and class D amplifiers offer an amazing amount of power considering their relatively small size. Car audio-friendly design expands installation options.

Music In Motion – About Us


Custom audio installation work is what we do best. Customers often have unique vehicles that require a custom solution and build, which we can provide. The type of system will affect the overall sonic experience for years to come. And we fully understand the nature of this investment.

The luxurious sonic quality we enable is unparalleled in this industry. Our staff can develop and execute a plan for your specific vehicle. Doing so will give you the best listening experience imaginable. This team has an exceptional capacity to transform the audio environment within any car, van, truck, RV, or SUV.

Increased Tonal Enjoyment

We seek to enhance our customers’ sonic experiences through the integration of the most advanced electronics, cabling, and mounting kits. These custom solutions fit your interior. It optimizes space. This method gives the final impression that the customized audio setup came with the vehicle out of the factory. Furthermore, the perfection of the fit allows you to enjoy the finest sounds with companions. And, ensures that the visual aspect of the sound system blends in perfectly with your interior.

This makes the solution feel tailor-made and unique to you. Our firm has a lifetime of experience helping audiophiles enhance their vehicle’s sound. Moreover, our audio planning and installation techniques are proprietary; we never build the same system twice.

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