Professional Installation of Motorcycle Audio

At Music in Motion in Boyne City, Michigan, we specialize in the professional installation of motorcycle audioWe are huge fans of motorcycles and we adore the style, the independence, and the ability to express ourselves. What, on the other hand, makes a fantastic motorcycle even better? The sound quality of this motorcycle stereo system is excellent. We adore them as well!


Motorcycle rides are thrilling and exciting, but they can become even more enjoyable with the addition of a high-quality audio system. Whether you want to listen to music, or podcasts, or stay connected with GPS instructions, a professional installation of motorcycle audio can make your ride safer and more fun.

In this article, we will guide you through the benefits of having a professional installation of motorcycle audio, the installation process, and answer some frequently asked questions.


Beware of Buddy Installations

Motorcycle audio systems are becoming more popular, and there are a plethora of disastrous “buddy” installations to be found… In recent years, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of companies and individuals putting sound systems on motorcycles. At the same time, we’ve witnessed a considerable increase in the number of customers who are disappointed with their bike’s “upgraded” stereo systems. 

“I was conversing with a friend of mine, and he said he knew a guy who could install a new stereo for me,” the conversation usually begins. All I had to do was go to this website, choose what I wanted, and have it delivered to my door. Then this guy, who used to work for MTX, would handle the rest.” From there, the dialogue takes a turn for the worst. Everything from poor installation quality that appears to be a slapdash job to poor performance to the system breaking down has been reported. “I didn’t think it was tough, so anyone should be able to accomplish it,” is a common refrain.

Elite Restomods is the nation’s premier classic car dealer, and they use Music In Motion for all their car audio designs and installs. They have also engaged us for classic motorcycle audio.

The Facts: Installation of Motorcycle Audio

motorcycle-audioThis is the truth. It’s best to leave your motorcycle audio system to the pros. Custom paint jobs are not available at Music in Motion. We don’t sell chrome components, and we don’t construct engines, either. For bikes, we sell and install complete, engineered audio systems. And we’re good at it.

Having It Done Properly by Professionals

Our crew is well-versed in acoustics and knows what it takes to create an audio system that sounds great not just while your bike is stationary but also when it is moving. Because we know you’ll lose a lot of bass and treble due to road noise, our designs cater for that.

Years of experience have resulted in the best bike product selections and installation quality.

Years of experience installing maritime audio systems have polished our product selection. Imagine getting saltwater sprayed on your bike if you believe it takes a beating. It gives the word “torture tested” a whole new meaning. Our installation requirements, such as soldering and heat-shrinking all connections, utilizing stainless steel hardware, and never using wood on your bike, are all based on our naval experience.

I’d want to turn it up a notch!

Let’s face it: if you want to enjoy your ride, your radio needs to crank, so you’ll need equipment that can provide it. You’ll also need them to function with your motorcycle’s limited charging system and limited storage space. We understand, and we’ve got you covered.

This Summer, Do You Want To Jam Out Loud And Clear? Get in touch with Music in Motion right away!

Jam Out Loud

We invite you to bring your motorcycle to Music in Motion. Let’s get to know each other a little better by going over your bike together and then giving you a tour of our shop. Our in-house fabrication section, where we convert ideas into reality, is world-class.

Music In Motion will develop and create a custom-crafted solution for your particular needs after we have a better understanding of your audio upgrading goals. We can help you with a single pair of better speakers and an amplifier, or a full-fledged upgrade with numerous pairs of speakers and various amplifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Installation of Motorcycle Audio

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it legal to have a motorcycle audio system?
A. Yes, it is legal to have a motorcycle audio system as long as it complies with local laws and regulations. It is important to check with your local authorities to make sure you are following the rules.

Q. Can I install a motorcycle audio system by myself?
A. It is possible to install a motorcycle audio system by yourself, but it is not recommended unless you have experience and knowledge in electrical and mechanical work. Improper installation can lead to safety hazards and damage to your motorcycle. It is best to seek the help of a professional installer.

Q. How much does professional installation of motorcycle audio cost?
A. The cost of professional installation of motorcycle audio varies depending on the audio system and the complexity of the installation process. It is best to consult with a professional installer to get a quote for your specific needs.

Q. Will a motorcycle audio system drain my battery?
A. Yes, a motorcycle audio system will consume some battery power, but it should not drain your battery if it is installed correctly and used responsibly. It is important to choose an audio system with reasonable power output and to turn it off when not in use to conserve battery.

Q. Can I use my phone to control my motorcycle audio system?
A. Many modern motorcycle audio systems come with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect your phone and control your audio system through an app. However, it is important to always prioritize safety and avoid using your phone while riding.


A professional installation of motorcycle audio can significantly enhance your riding experience by providing better sound quality, customization options, and improved safety.

By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can select the right audio system, choose a professional installer, and maintain your system to ensure optimal performance.

Upgrade your motorcycle audio system today with Music In Motion’s professional installation services and experience the best sound quality on your rides. Contact us now to get started!


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