Upgrade Your Motorcycle’s Radio for Better Performance and Features


Most touring bikes have a radio and entertainment system. Many older motorcycles lack Bluetooth audio streaming, MP3 and WMA file support, and SiriusXM satellite radio. Even if you don’t want to change your bike, you can still have fun on the road.

That Old Motorcycle Radio Must Be Replaced

It’s easy to upgrade a 1998-2013 Harley touring bike’s radio. These motorcycles have Rockford Fosgate and Aquatic AV source units. Both radios fit into the fairing and have electrical connectors that don’t require car modifications. In about an hour, your local mobile improvement store can have you back on the road with all of the source unit features you could possibly want.

Radio for Motorcycles

Rockford Fosgate’s PMX-HD9813 digital media receiver is a single-DIN, water-resistant receiver featuring Bluetooth, USB, and a brilliant color display.

Your installer can link the radio to the audio control switches on the handlebars in many cases, particularly with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, to make it safer to alter the level or change songs while riding.

The Harley-Davidson AQ-MP-5UBT-HS radio is a direct-fit solution with Bluetooth and a high-power amplifier.

Upgraded Audio for Custom Applications

Installing a new radio on a Honda Gold Wing or BMW K 1600 GTL is not possible. The sound system could be upgraded. ARC Audio signal processors manipulate OEM audio signals so they sound great with a new amplifier and upgraded speakers.

The ARC Audio PSM is a sophisticated signal processor designed specifically for motorcycles.


If you have a modern Harley-Davidson with the Boom! Box radio, the easiest option to boost the sound system on these bikes is to use a signal processor. Some stereo companies provide radio reflashing services, which can improve sound quality, but these changes may void your warranty or be undone if the bike’s serviced.

Your installer can fine-tune each speaker’s output to your listening preferences with a signal processor. If you prefer a smooth, natural sound, try this. They can also offer a rocking forceful tune. For within reason, a processor can make any high-quality speaker sound how you want.

With no radio, the sound can still be fantastic.

If you want terrific sound without a radio, your installer can install a Bluetooth receiver in an aftermarket amplifier. To stream music, connect the receiver to your phone. The hide-away volume’s changed quickly using a phone. iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music deliver music to smart devices.

Bluetooth receivers for motorcycles, such as the JL Audio MBT-RX, make it simple to stream music into an amplifier or signal processor.

Today is the day to upgrade your motorcycle’s radio.

Whether you want an elaborate audio system with front, lower, and saddlebag speakers or simply want to upgrade your motorcycle’s technology, your local specialist mobile enhancement merchant can help you find the right solution for your needs. Contact Music In Motion today and have your bike inspected. We’ll devise a strategy to make it sound fantastic!

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