Can you put a new sound system in an old car?


You can put new speakers in your old car, but you’ll have to do some work. First, pull the dashboard out of the way and remove the old speaker. Then you can install your new speakers by wiring them up as designed to be installed in this car.

If you’re unsure what kind of speaker system you have in your car, check with your local parts store or a local audio store for help. The Ultimate Guide To Upgrading the Audio System in Your Restomod, by our friends at Restomod Academy, is a great resource for classic car and restomod audio upgrades.

When installing audiophile speakers in an older vehicle, you must use quality components to work properly and last a long time. Many people think that if their car has been around for a few years, it doesn’t need new speakers because it will fall apart eventually anyway, but this is not always true.

How To Tell If Your Car’s Sound System Needs an Upgrade

Sound System Needs an Upgrade

Older systems make things easier but if you want, you Can Replace the System, but, it’s important to know how to tell if your old one is still working properly and if it needs an upgrade.

When you’re shopping for a new car, it’s easy to get caught up in a vehicle’s bells and whistles. However, the more you drive off the lot, the more likely any issues you encounter will be related to its audio system.

  • The first step when evaluating whether or not your vehicle’s sound system needs an upgrade is to take note of the basic sounds that come out of your speakers. If they’re crackling or distorting, or if there is no bass response, this could indicate something is wrong with your speaker wire or speaker plugs.
  • Another issue with the speakers is if they sound distorted or muffled when loud music is being played through them. This could mean that either they are not strong enough to produce clear sound at high volumes or that something else in the vehicle — such as an air conditioner or heater — is interfering with the signal from each speaker.

Keep in Mind

Keep in Mind

Another important point is to consider if you want to install an aftermarket or factory-installed radio in your vehicle. Consider a few things when shopping for the right one.

  • The first thing to consider is whether you have an aftermarket or factory-installed radio installed in your vehicle. If so, some things will make your life much easier when deciding what kind of speaker system to buy.
  • For example, suppose another company has upgraded your factory radio. In that case, they may have installed a different type of speaker than what was originally installed by the manufacturer of your vehicle’s original speakers. This could cause problems down the line as you try and replace these speakers with newer ones that will fit properly into the opening provided by your new head unit.
  • If this isn’t an issue for you, it comes down to what features you want out of your new system. There are plenty of options available today from which to choose, including AM/FM tuners and cassette players, CD changers; GPS navigation systems; iPod integration and Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite radio compatibility.

Choose The Right Speaker Size That Will Perfectly Fit Your Car

Choose The Right Speaker Size That Will Perfectly Fit Your Car

Consider several things before purchasing if your automobile is more than ten years old and you want to install a new sound system.

  • First, determine if the previous speakers are still working. You can use them as part of your new system if they are. If they aren’t, it’s time to look at another vehicle.
  • Second, consider what type of sound system you want for your car. You can choose from satellite systems or wireless systems. Satellite systems typically include amplifiers and speakers mounted in the car’s cabin. In contrast, wireless systems use headphones or earbuds to transmit the music from your device so it can be heard through either earpieces or speakers built into it. However, an Aux to Bluetooth is Simple but still gives a powerful sound. The FM to Bluetooth Adapters Should Be a Last Resort during the modification.
  • Third, determine how big your space will be inside your vehicle. You may want to look into installing two sets of speakers so that one pair will be facing forward and one pair will face backward toward wherever you’re sitting (e.g., passenger seat). This way, all four occupants can hear what’s playing without having to turn around or adjust their positions to hear it properly!

What If I Want to Upgrade My Cars Sound System for A Modern One?

Upgrade My Cars Sound System for A Modern One?

You can do it if you want to upgrade your car’s sound system to a modern one. The first thing you need is a new audio system. The second thing that you will need is a new amplifier and speaker set. You can always get these items from any local electronics store or online retailer.

First, go to the car manufacturer’s website and look up the model number of your car. Next, look at the wiring diagram and see where all the speakers are located concerning each other. If there are no wiring diagrams available, look at the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle when it was purchased. Find out what kind of amplifier and speakers were installed when it was new. Also, check out other vehicles that have similar features and make sure they are compatible with yours too!

Then, depending on the kind of sound system you want to put in your car, visit an electronics store and buy various cables (speakers, amplifiers). First, choose the types of speakers used for each place in your vehicle, such as the front speakers, after deciding which cables will be used to connect each speaker (or amplifier).

Which Automobile Speaker Configuration Are You Looking For: A Two-Way or A Three-Way Speaker?
Two-Way SpeakerDepending on the make and model of the car, you may be able to install a new sound system. The process is similar for two-way and three-way systems, and the parts are interchangeable.

The most important thing to remember about installing a new sound system in your car is that it’s not a one-time thing. You’ll have to do it regularly so that the speakers stay in good shape and don’t get damaged by driving over bumps or through curbs.

Below are some tips for installing a new car speaker system to get the full benefits of modern radio in the classic car:

  • One thing you want to look for when buying new speakers is if they have an amplifier or not. You need an amplifier to plug your iPod or another device into it and play music from it through the speakers in your vehicle. If you don’t have an amp, you don’t have any speakers in your vehicle!
  • Some speakers come with built-in amplifiers like the Polk Audio W210BT, which has a built-in amplifier that provides power for both the tweeter and woofer of the speaker itself and provides power for an external subwoofer (if needed). If this doesn’t interest you, other options such as getting one are available.

What To Look for When Buying Car Speaker Kit Specs

When choosing a speaker kit, there are three main things you should consider to reap the benefits of modern radio in a classic car. They include:

  1. Power handling: The higher the power handling rating (also known as RMS or continuous power output), the more powerful your speakers can be without disturbing other components in your vehicle. So, if you have a subwoofer, it should be able to handle the power of your other speakers without distorting them or causing other damage.
  2. Sensitivity: The sensitivity rating of your speakers is important because it tells you how loud they can go without distorting. A low sensitivity rating means that your speakers won’t be as loud as higher-quality ones with a high sensitivity rating; however, this may not be an issue for some people who value sound quality over raw volume.
  3. Mounting depth: The mounting depth for the speakers is important because it determines how low you can mount them in your vehicle. If you want to install your speakers below the dashboard or door panel, you need to ensure that they will fit. Also, ensure that the wiring will reach down into the vehicle. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to run a long wire which will be hard on your car’s electrical system.

Other Things to put into consideration


While it’s certainly possible to install new car speakers in a car that’s older than three years, there are some things to consider before you do.

  • First, if you want to install new speakers in an older vehicle, ensure they have standard mounting holes that match what is already in the trunk. If not, you will need to drill new holes or use adapters.
  • Third, ensure that the speakers you buy have the same mounting depth as your old ones so they will fit correctly.
  • Fourth, when it comes to sound quality, it depends on what type of music you listen to. If you like music with lots of bass or high notes (like metal), then go with something that produces a lot of volume and power because these sounds are best suited for louder speakers.

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Although many options are available, this should make it easier for you to choose the best audio equipment for your automobile. To ensure you obtain the proper equipment that will suit your car and give maximum enjoyment of car audio, you should also contact the speaker makers and automobile manufacturers.

If you need help putting a new sound system in a classic car or retomod, please contact Music In Motion today!

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