Review of the Focal Utopia M Speakers


With the debut of the new Utopia M loudspeaker system, Focal of France has lifted the standard when it comes to high-end speakers. For many years, the Utopia Be speakers were regarded as among the best in the mobile electronics industry. As new technologies emerged over the previous decade, Focal embarked on a comprehensive endeavor to reimagine its flagship audio speaker systems in order to provide clients with more clarity and detail. The new Utopia M line is the outcome.

What Sets the Focal Utopia M Apart?

All Utopia M drivers are available in pairs, unlike the original Utopia Be speaker sets. With the new SUB 10 WM, we can combine the TBM tweeters, 3.5M midrange, and your choice of 6WM or 8WM mid-bass drivers to build a system that’s suitable for your application.

Focal no longer offers a passive crossover network with its top-of-the-line Utopia M devices, owing to a deep understanding of the current digital signal processor-based system architecture. Each speaker has its own amplifier channel, allowing us to fine-tune the frequency response and arrival time of each driver in the system.

The following speaker solutions are part of the new Utopia M line:

  • 1-inch Beryllium Dome Tweeter Set (TBM)
  • 3.5M — Midrange Set with 3.5-inch “M”-Profile, “W”-Cone
  • 6WM – Woofer Set with 6.5-inch “M”-Profile and “W”-Cone
  • 8WM — 8-inch “W”-Cone Woofer Set with “M”-Profile
  • SUB 10 WM — Subwoofer with 10-inch “M”-Profile and “W”-Cone.

What Has Utopia M Changed?


Several distinctive design changes in the new Utopia speakers reduce distortion and improve clarity. A huge 80mm diameter glass fiber voice coil connects to their own “M”-profile “W”-cone in the 6WM and 8WM woofers. The “W”-cone blends numerous layers of glass fiber over a foam core, resulting in a speaker cone with outstanding rigidity and minimal mass.

Focal’s Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) Surround, which was first launched on the ES-Series drivers a few years back, is now available on the new speakers. The insertion of precisely positioned ridges on the surround decreases distortion at high excursion levels, resulting in improved musical clarity.

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