Remote Car Starters Examined

Myths About Remote Starters DEBUNKED

One of the least known devices sold by a 12-volt merchant like Music In Motion is definitely remote starters. There seems to be a lot of inaccurate information circulating. We’d like to take a moment to debunk the following remote starter myths:

Remote car starters void the warranty on my new car.

There is no possible way that this is true! The Magnuson Moss Act prohibits automakers from taking such action. Moreover, we work on a lot of classic cars and restomods so no worries there.

Remote car starters damage my vehicle

Nobody at Music In Motion has ever discovered any evidence to back this up. In reality, most expert mechanics concur that starting the automobile after letting it warm up for a while can increase the motor’s lifespan.

Remote car starters are a gas-guzzler.

Actually, warming up your automobile can increase your gas mileage. On a particularly chilly day, if you merely jump in your car and start driving, your engine is working harder and using more gas. You can increase your mileage by warming it up and thinning the oil for a short while. And isn’t it simpler to simply press a button to warm something up rather than venture outside in the bitter weather?

I have a manual transmission, thus I can’t get a car starter.

We would have agreed years ago. The remote car starter technology of today has advanced significantly. Our starters use an extremely complex yet user-friendly technique to stop the car from starting while it is in gear. You can experience the same comfort and convenience in a manual gearbox vehicle as people who drive automatics.

Since my car is parked in my driveway, I don’t require a lengthy range
Parking in your driveway when you are at home is fine, but what about when you are at the mall, the theater, or a restaurant? Parking may be required up to 100 yards away. Don’t you want to utilize your remote starter constantly? You do, of course.

I already have a keyless entry so that Shouldn’t Be Added To My Starter Installation

Well, you most likely do. The range of your factory remote is probably less than 100 feet. Our remote starters all have a range that begins at 1500 feet. So don’t worry if you are already in line at the movies and are unsure of whether you secured your doors. You may lock your automobile by simply pressing the lock button on your Remote Starter remote. Not to mention all the additional comfort elements you might include in your beginning installation.

I am unable to obtain a remote car starter since my key contains a “Chip.”

Nowadays, almost all car keys have a “chip” inside of them. The purpose of that chip is to shield your car from being hotwired. In a sense, a remote starter “hot wires” your car in a very controlled manner. Therefore, we must deceive your car into thinking that the key is in the ignition in order to make a starter work. Numerous options are available from our starting manufacturer for practically every car on the road. The majority of the time, it just requires adding a second “bypass module.” The activities of that chip are mimicked by this module, enabling the car to start.

Uncle of my cousin’s best friend can set up a remote starter for me.

NOT AT ALL!!! The integration of a remote starter into today’s highly advanced vehicles is a very challenging process. We have undergone countless hours of training, and if we ever need it, we can obtain top-notch technical assistance. Can “Uncle Louie” really say that? Most likely not. He may be a skilled mechanic, but remote starters are a very different species. If your car needed bodywork, you wouldn’t bring it to us, would you? Obviously not. You would consult a professional. Music In Motion is the authority on remote starters.

I park in my garage, therefore a remote starter is unnecessary.

Do you leave your car in a garage at work? or a restaurant close by? Or how about the cinema theater’s “garage”? When you visit your best buddy, is it possible to park in their garage? Your remote starter will be put to more use outside of the house than it would be within.

Only a few months a year can I use my car starter?
Why? It won’t take you long to realize that your remote starter is just as essential during the sweltering summer as it is during the bitter winter. On warm summer days, your remote car starter will also keep your car cool. Just keep in mind to turn on the air conditioning when you exit your vehicle. The remainder is handled by your remote starter!

Justifications for Using a Remote Car Starter

One of those things that nobody actually NEEDS is remote car starters. But do they? Here are 5 justifications for why a remote car starting is a must.


This one should be quite clear. In the winter or summer, no one wants to get into a chilly or sweltering hot car. This problem is resolved by a remote car starter. Even in the dead of a Baltimore winter, your car will be cozy when you’re ready to drive away with just the push of a button.

You won’t have to scrape your windows for more than five minutes on a chilly morning. Most of the work will be done by your remote starter. The warmed windows will make quick work of clearing the leftovers if the glass isn’t already clear.


You shouldn’t consider it a remote car starter. Consider it your car’s remote convenience system. The bare minimum is starting your car (no pun intended). Most vehicles can have a wide range of extra features added to them, including:

  • Trunk Release with Keyless Entry
  • Electric Sliding Access Control
  • Free-standing locking and unlocking
  • Telematics and vehicle tracking
  • Integration of the rear window defrost
  • Powered window awning
  • Headlight Regulation
  • Total Blown Vehicle Security, among other things
  • The durability of the Car

Jumping into a chilly car and starting it without warming it up is one of the worst things you can do to the motor of your car. Unfortunately, we do just that when we are running behind schedule. Our commute’s first five kilometers serve as “warm-up time.” This may considerably reduce the lifespan of your motor.

By just pressing a button, a remote automobile starter makes sure that your engine is fully warmed up and prepared for your morning journey.

Time reduction

The ability to save time is probably one of the most underrated, yet crucial, benefits of having a remote automobile starting. How long does it take you to get to your car in the winter, start it, clean the windows, etc.? If you are like most people, your daily average is probably 5 to 10 minutes. greater than a half-hour each week. More than 8 hours each winter.

Instead, consider what you could be doing with that time:

  • Spend time with your kids or your partner.
  • Having fun with your animal
  • A few more minutes of “Me Time” or maybe just an additional 10 minutes of sleep

Let’s be honest. Sometimes you simply have to look out for yourself. Since the first time you witnessed your neighbor’s car start on its own while you were scrubbing your windows, you’ve wanted a remote car starter. While you are shivering and hurrying off to the office with your windows rolled down because you didn’t have time to scrape them, you consider it every time she waves.

Experts in remote car starters in Northern Michigan

Visit Music In Motion as a treat for yourself. The remote car starter specialists in Boyne City are close by. For more than 20 years, our staff has been installing remote car starters. Our specialists are widely regarded as experts in their area, and we only stock top-notch equipment. Give us the opportunity to win your business. We guarantee that you’ll be glad you did.

Five errors people commonly make when purchasing remote car starters

Not purchasing a remote starter with a sufficient range

Even though I don’t want to, I do use the phrase “range.” The words “500-foot range” or “3,000-foot range” must be printed on packaging by manufacturers. It is crucial to remember that these are ideal figures in areas free from obstructions like walls, windows, and buildings. Or to put it another way: In the middle of a desert!

Most individuals don’t place much importance on range.

Few of our customers require starting their cars from further than 1,000 feet away. But practically everyone desires the ability to start a car within a structure. At that point, transmitter power starts to matter.

Don’t compromise your transmitter range (power).

In addition to your home and workplace, you will use your starter elsewhere. You’ll want to utilize it in the mall, athletic events, parking lots, medical facilities, dining establishments, etc. When in doubt, spend a little extra to buy a stronger unit. The worst feeling is approaching your car and seeing it hasn’t even warmed up.

Not having a professional install your remote car starter
A quality remote car starter experience depends on the expert installation. Don’t let the lowest bidder handle your car! In today’s vehicles, remote starts need intricate installations, thus it’s crucial that the installation be done correctly. A single error might result in thousands of dollars in damage that is not covered by the warranty on your car.

I don’t say that to scare you away; a skilled professional can complete the task effectively, avoiding expensive errors and assisting you in getting the most out of your new remote car starter. In addition, unlike what your dealer says, a properly fitted remote car starter won’t violate the warranty on your car!

Don’t let your family or a nearby mechanic do the installation. For transmission or engine work, you wouldn’t take your car to the neighborhood mobile electronics shop. Visit an expert! A person is not qualified to work on today’s autos unless they are an experienced installer with real-world training & experience.

Purchasing a Cheap Remote Car Starter

A remote automobile starter costs $79.99 at the neighborhood auto parts store. It includes a DVD with instructions, according to which you can install it yourself. You probably can’t believe it, so don’t! The quality of these remote starts is typically inferior to those you would find at a specialty store like Music In Motion. A reputable remote vehicle starter maker would typically demand professional installation and detest over-the-counter sales. They are aware that hiring an expert to complete the task drastically reduces the likelihood of failure.

The issue with remote auto starters is that most individuals are unable to distinguish between high-quality brands and low-quality brands. Find the top store in your market as a general rule of thumb. It’s reasonable to assume that they will promote and install products they believe to be of excellent quality. You may trust the store’s selection of the things they carry if you trust the stop.

Consider this: If the shop is good, they likely sell & install a ton of remote starts. Do you believe they would pick a subpar product if they knew it would cause them a ton of trouble? Most likely not. We at Music In Motion are pleased to carry remote car starters under the Compustar brand. Visit this page to look over Compustar remote vehicle starts.

Lack of a remote car starter with the necessary features

Remote car starters provide a wide range of conveniences. When purchasing your starter, make sure you ask the correct questions. Some products are exactly what they say they are: remote automobile starters. They remote-start and remote-stop your car. You might not think that is adequate. Others offer several features, from heated seats and rear window defrosting to keyless entry and trunk release.

When weighing possibilities, it’s common to assume that some things will “just work” with the starter. For instance, if you leave the rear window defroster on, it won’t automatically turn on. It is on a latched output that resets each time the power is turned off, or when you switch off the ignition of the car. Almost all installations need to specifically include this functionality.

Not installing keyless entry on newer automobiles is another error.

The factory keyless entry doesn’t work when the car is running on the majority of new cars. This implies that the factory keyless entry system won’t unlock the doors when your car is remote-started and you approach it. You would have to start the car with the remote starter, lock it with the factory remote, and then restart it with the key (the old-fashioned way), or you could use the key in the door.

To solve the problem, pick a remote starter with keyless entry. If your automobile has keyless entry and a remote starter, you can open the doors without turning off the engine.

A reputable store can walk you through your options and offer suggestions depending on your requirements. The rest is simple if you pick a store you can trust.

Never ever purchase a remote starter at one store and have it installed at another. The biggest error you can make is that. You should always have your starter installed in the same location where you purchased it. The majority of reputable shops won’t install a remote starter that was bought somewhere else. The only remaining stores that might agree to do this are those in the second and third tiers.

Avoid purchasing a remote starter from a store if they don’t offer installation services.

In conclusion, a remote starting is a fantastic addition to any car. Music In Motion employees has installed remote starting for more than 20 years. We only sell the best starters available and behind them with lifetime warranties.

Come in and let us assist you in locating the ideal remote starter for your car. Giving the gift of a warm car this Christmas will be remembered for years to come as the holiday season approaches.

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